Christopher Robin

It was heartbreaking to see Christopher Robin leaving Winnie the Pooh and other friends behind. He said he had to and he did. He not only stayed far away from them but also forgot about his childhood in the process…

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तु जणू पौर्णिमेचा चंद्र, तेजस्वी आणि लख…

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How I created my own happiness

We search happiness all over the places. Some people say that it comes from within. It’s in fact true. I agree. Some say that it is a state of mind and we can experience it if we could control and…

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A precious gift

Receiving gifts: I was in 6th class when I received a gift from my school friend. It was the first one I could remember receiving from someone who wasn’t family. It was a flip-it greeting card with “Best friends forever”…

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Take care of your plants before they die

In love with a plant: Every one of us love the plants, right? Refreshing, green and flowery! I mean, come on, who doesn’t? Some of us have a few at home and some don’t. And, some just have the big…

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Practice what you learn

Learning: I carry this belief that I have learned so much from my life. I learned from my experiences, people I met so far, friendships and relationships I happened to have with people, incidences and moments and so on. I…

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Real love

The truest form of love is when it comes from both the ends. The love that returns to you in some form or another. The one you don’t ask for but gets in return. The real love leads you to…

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I love you but I don’t want you

Loving someone and wanting someone are two different things. It took me years to understand, accept and learn this. I fell in love with a beautiful girl who was living miles away from my place. She entered into my life…

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What winters bring to you?

Why winter returns? I sometimes ask myself. The season that makes everything cold and dry. And, most importantly I am allergic to cold weather so I just hate it.  Well, not really. I like summers. And, rains. I like the…

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Being an inspiration

I had written this post five years ago. It was the first post I had published on my blog and the same day, my journey as a writer began. The topic was the outcome of the happenings in my life.…

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