A big Thank You

I have a strong belief that the best gifts one can receive are the time and attention. With this electrifying fast and moving life you can expect everyone to be busy in their own life. However, people who like, love and care for us always manage to make time for us. I feel blessed knowing that I have people around me who do the same. Just to let you know that it was my Birthday yesterday and I want to thank every one of them who managed to make time to wish me.

Thank you bro, mom and dad for wishing me at the tick of 12. Family is family!!!
Thank you Sachin Gangurde for the late night call. That wasn’t expected at all. 😉
Thank you Sachin Pawar for not remembering my Birthday again, :evil: but your wishful hug made me happy. :mrgreen:
Thank you Amya, Sunya, Ghanya and Mohanya for being punctual, I just love it when someone stays awake just to wish me. Amya you rocked again, the way you reverted back so early in the morning to my message was awesome. That was unexpected!!! 8-)
Thank you Ashwini Walunj for remembering my Birthday. =^-^= It takes a big heart to wish even after falling silent. Isn’t it??
Thanks to those who called me up early in the morning to wish me but could not reach to me. I apologize for not being able to receive your calls but I could not help as I was sleeping. You know how important it is to sleep after night shift duty?? Very much indeed.
Thanks to Uday Mate for making it priority to wish me as soon as you entered into the office.
Thanks to those who spent a rupee just to wish me by sending SMS on my mobile. Yeah, I know you guys don’t have message pack these days. Do you?? :?
Thanks to those who called me up twice and reached to me on the call. That shows you were willing to talk to me and wish me in real. Thank you Rushya, Pornima didi and Yogita didi. Respect for you all. :D
Thanks to those who wished me via SMS and yet called me up twice just because they wanted to wish me in ear. Thank you Raulya. Love you all.
Thanks to Ashwini Godse for remembering my Birthday. I was expecting your wishes a little bit earlier but glad that you made it even when going through a not so good situation. :P
Thanks to every single person who posted on my Facebook wall and showered blessings on me right from the midnight till the end of the day. You all are awesome.
Special thanks to Yogesh Lalge for such a beautiful picture work. I liked it very much. I know it takes time to do such creative things and I’m glad that you did it for me. You are :star:
Special thanks to Prakriti Singh who dropped me a message instead of posting on a wall. I know you operate Facebook from mobile and that could be the reason but I was delighted to see your message in Inbox. :roll:
Special thanks to Datamatics for planting yet another tree on behalf of my Birthday. It feels great.


You see I did nothing special last day but it was your wishes that made my day cheerful. Again, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart to every single person who wished me in any possible way. Thank you for your attention and time. Love you all. <3 <3 <3

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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