A life without internet

It’s been almost a month since I lost access to the internet from my home. All thanks to heavy rain. It’s the longest time interval that I’ve been away from internet in last couple of years. I was supposed to be sad as I would be apart from doing most of my daily activities in virtual world (internet). The activities included checking out social media sites like Facebook, Google+, etc., going through emails, posting some updates to my site’s page, small chats, reading technical stuff to improve my existing site’s rank and visibility on Google, creation and design of my next site, reading quotes, sayings and articles and lot more stuff. I used to keep myself engage all the time with internet. Most of the time I could be found on chair in front of my PC gazing at screen all the time. I would eat breakfast and have a tea sitting on the same chair. I was having fun, was happy doing the things I used to do hardly a month ago. I was sure that I was not addicted to any social site or like that as staying away from them never bothered me, but what I was sure about was that internet had became an essential part of my life. I would get bore if I could not get access to the internet for long. It’s not that I never realized this before but I continued because I was doing something that wasn’t waste of time. Reading quotes, sayings and informational article is not bad habit, is it?

But, in the absence of internet I get to realize more about what life is about. It is about meeting friends, talking to friends, it is about an evening walk, it is about spending time with family, it is about reading news paper, it is about watching comedy shows on television, it is about a peaceful sleep, it is about fresh and clear mind, it is about happy moments pass by, it is about shopping for yourself and shopping for family, it is about paying good attention to your parents and home, it is about visits to relatives, it is about attending ceremonies and events, it is about capturing the beauty of nature by eyes, it is about rain – bike riding in the rain and getting wet, it is about playing with pets, it is about cold drinks and yummy fruits, it is about writing, it is about poems, it is about feelings, it is about love- real love and care, it is about the real world. Well, this is what I’m doing these days and I have no regrets loosing access to internet over the last month.

It does not mean that internet is a total waste. In fact I have learned a lot via internet; it has enhanced my general knowledge, improved my interest in reading and has helped me in many possible ways. However, there should be a limit on the time we spend on it. It is totally fine if we use internet with purpose- a good purpose but one should not forget the real world around them. So forget about the un-replied messages, regular updates, likes and shares, number of comments and think about your friends, family and yourself instead of thinking what’s happening on the internet.

Spend more time in real world than in virtual one.

P.S. – I neither have smart phone nor do I use Whatsapp still I’ve survived. 😛

How do you spend your time on internet? How much time you spend on internet? Which world you find more interesting – real or virtual? Write to me or put a comment below. Share your thoughts and experiences. I would love to hear from you. And yes, be assured of your comments getting read by me as I’m not totally out of it (internet). 😉

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. I was without net and even mobile network last month at home. It was a good experience. I am someone who is addicted to her phone, and to see myself survive without phone was a refreshing change.

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