Friends And Family

Friends and family make your life. Period. I strongly believe that people around us play a major role in our lives than anything else. It is people who affect us in all possible ways and at different levels. With no doubt in mind, I can say that people who help us shape our lives for good belongs to our friends and family. If you have them by your side, be assured that you will be doing good in your life, no matter what. Friends bring joy and happiness with them. Together we form a bond, full of trust and love. On the other hand, we seek love and care from an eternal source called family. We receive endless support from our family by default, no asking for that. While our friends and family don’t expect anything in return, I believe they deserve an equal amount of love and care from our side too. In this particular section I write about the people who have shaped my life for good. Writing about my friends and family is a way to let them know that I love them too. And, I feel blessed to have them in my life.


Happy Birthday

How nice it feels when someone greets you with smile? How nice it feels when someone notice you from the distance and says ‘Hi’? How nice it feels when someone appears just to give a hi-five? Or how nice it…

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this is for you friend

This is for you friend

I don’t know whether you remember or not but you had asked for this. Writing few lines about you, few years back! Here you go my friend, read on… Social freak, genius geekReal character, no mimicSmart and intelligent but not…

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प्रति – ठॉ गँग

शाळेतले दिवस. त्या दिवसांत मला कोणी ‘प्रतिक’ ह्या नावाखेरीज आणखी कोणत्या नावाने हाक मारल्याचे आठवत नाही. बरं माझ्या आजूबाजूला दिसणाऱ्या मुलांमध्ये एक कमालीची गोष्ट मला जाणवायची आणि ती म्हणजे त्यांची एकमेकांना हाक मारण्याची पद्धत. त्यात गणेशचा ‘गण्या’ व्हायचा आणि राकेशचा…

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