Inspire them to create a better world. Whether you agree or not but inspiration is needed in everything you do. It keeps people moving, making them believe that they can. When it strikes you, nothing can stop you from doing that deed. You seek the energy, hopes and beliefs from the source of inspiration. Any entity in the universe can act as a source for you. It could be anything like nature, people, animals or an act by some stranger. You can seek the inspiration not only from little but also big things in this world. Inspiration can create magic. Inspiration can make miracles happen. The bets part of about inspiration is that you can seek it from other people but unfortunately very few believe in inspiring others. You don’t necessarily need to do big things to inspire others. Things as little as a single act of kindness can do the trick. I believe my writing can inspire others and with that belief I share here the articles that you might find inspirational.


Reveal the hidden you

Finding yourself is not an easy task. They say you know yourself slightly better than others, which is true by the way. However, I believe knowing yourself is a process and it goes further on with time. With time you…

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Make your movie watchable

Imagine yourself watching a movie where in leading actor is performing same actions, going through the same situations, same drama and songs are being played and same events are happening to him over and over in regular time interval. Everything…

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Go fearless

When you live with the fear in your mind, you minimize the number of possibilities. Life is about taking chances whenever and wherever possible. You don’t because you get scare and feel the fear before anything could happen. Most of…

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Dream world exists

Every night you enter into dream and every morning you wake up into reality. You choose not only to escape from the sleep but also from your dreams. You find that the world in your dreams and the real world…

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Find empty plates

It happens! It happens in everyone’s life. You do good and no one values. You feel bad and become sad. This is what life is all about. But you see you should not stop doing good for there exist people…

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