Cricket World Cup 2015: why no excitement?

Last day, the much awaiting(?) Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony finally took place in Australia and New Zealand. You can say that the ceremony went well, looking at the efforts put by the host countries in making the event big and exciting. Light beams, music, dance and some unique ideas made it look different. However, if you are one of those cricket fans from India, the chances are that you would have found it pretty normal and boring. No, the event and all were up to the expectations but what made you think like that has another story to it. If I am not wrong, the current Cricket World Cup 2015 has completely failed to generate the excitement about the tournament among the Indian Cricket Fans in India itself. You will think that the marketing and promotional strategies may have failed and are responsible for this but they (Indian Cricket Fans) have another story to tell and no surprise that media has played the big role again. So, let’s take a look at the possible reasons why Cricket World Cup 2015 has failed to create the excitement among the Indian Cricket Fans in India. Just scroll through the pages below.


The hosting countries i.e. the venues tell the true story at first place. We all know that India possesses no good record overseas and especially on the pitches in Australia and New Zealand our team struggles which is why we (Indian Cricket Fans) already have withdrawn us from the list of Favorites despite of being the defending champions.

Broadcast Timing:

Due to the time discrepancy between the India and hosting countries you will have matches lined up since the tea time in the  morning in India. You will need to skip school, college and/or office to watch the every single stroke from Virat Kohli or every single delivery bowled by Dale Steyn which is a tough ask. Though they have set best strategies to make the Indian Cricket Fans seated by scheduling the India’s matches on Sundays, I really don’t think that it will work throughout.

Channel Subscriptions:

They mean business, isn’t it? Yeah, the cable operators are struggling making deals with network providers asking them to provide the service as it was. The network providers have suddenly come up with new strategy to earn money by forcing cable operators and customers to deal in packages over the regular service, especially for sports channels deliberately.

Yeah, I’m gonna watch every single match of CWC 2015. Wait, what? Where the hell Star Sports has gone? >:(


Don’t know why but surprisingly neither of them took the great interest in highlighting the Cricket World Cup stories this time, may it be print media or news broadcasting media. The social media remain less affected. The news channels were filled with the news and discussions on politics and election held in Delhi. The time allotted for Cricket news was very much less I guess. Well, we never know with what they will come up with so I’m hoping to see that Cricket Scorecard flashing on the screens, over all the news channels once again.

Breaking news: India has …

Team Selection:

Cricket team selection in India is an event we Indian Cricket Fans enjoy with great interest. The history tells the story itself. We get to see the selection and within ten minutes of its announcement we see criticism over the selection, then how such a big tournament will escape easily. The selection committee and the BCCI have faced sufficient criticism over the 15 member squad selected for the big tournament. The selection of youngsters over the experienced was the hot topic of debate. The Indian public joined the debate with great interest and it is still going on. I am pretty sure that it will remain the hot topic of discussion until we get tossed out from the tournament. Oops, Did I just say we will be tossed out? Lol 😉

Current Performance:

The recent matches India played against few challenging opponents has shown the truth and ugly future. Our strong batting lineup is really not looking strong and better I don’t talk about the quality bowlers we have. The overall body language of the players in the squad says it all, they are lacking in confidence. And, when we see our team struggling, we the Indian Cricket Fans lose all the hope.

Yeah, look at the current form of Shikhar Dhawan, we never gonna win the tournament if we make him open the innings. >:(

But, you know what

There are many possible reasons why Cricket World Cup 2015 has failed to create the excitement and enthusiasm among Indian Cricket Fans in the country and why an Indian Cricket fan is still quiet. But, you know what? This is how we take it, let the show begin and see how strongly we bounce back. Not only our team will put great show but the Indian Cricket Fans too will gather to support the team. This game is not really a game here in India; it is a religion we all belong to. Let the drum beat and see the excitement, enthusiasm and cherishing in the air. The country gonna celebrate the most valued sport once again.

The much awaited match of India Vs Pakistan is going to be played on this Sunday.

So, guys forget the venue, timing, selection and form and do support the Men In Blue. Our support and wishes is what all they need.

Come on India!!! Bring it home once again!!!

Pratik Akkawar

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