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Do you make a to-do list? I do. I developed this habit of making to-do lists a few years ago and since then I have never stopped. I have become an organized person over the years both at work and in personal life. To-do lists, reminders, short notes, expense tracker, etc. has become a part of my life. The one interesting thing I have noticed time and again is that my to-do lists never get completely struck off. New items keep on adding into the list, making it long over the time or sometimes I strike off all the items from one list just to create a new one and start all over again.

When I see my life as a to-do list, I find that there is always something that needs to be done. No matter how many things I get done, something remains undone. Interestingly when I see the larger picture of my life, I see a long list of events that should have happened by now but they haven’t and are still unchecked in the list of my life. I find this odd, especially when I think inline with the time standards set by the society for people. I am 34 and by this age, a normal person should be married, living with a life partner and kids in his own house. He should also be making a lot of money, enjoying weekend trips with his friends and family travelling in his own car. This is what I think of a normal life of a person in his thirties.

But, as I said I am not living a normal life. It seems I have achieved nothing in my life and there is so much yet to happen and do. I have a decent job, a house and food to eat. I enjoy my life in my own ways. Still, some things are missing and I am into all of them all at once. I am single, in love with a girl living across the oceans. On the other side, I am also looking for a life partner to get married because the probability of having my love as a life partner is on lower side. It has always been a struggle at work and I am consistently trying to transition into better work profile so I could earn the money I deserve based on my skills and potential. I am under debt too as we purchased a new house last month and there is a sudden rise in financial expectations from myself. I think I should also mention my best friend “Bad Luck” here. I think it won’t leave me alone until I die.

You see, my life is not normal and it constantly demands more than 100% of me. There is so much to do and so much to happen that I shouldn’t be relaxing sitting on the couch enjoying some random meme on my phone. But you know, there is something that I have learned through my experiences.

Life is not a check list. You need not strike off every item. You need not strike off the item in certain fixed time either.

Pratik Akkawar

Life is a gift and should be celebrated by all means. The things will happen at the right time and your efforts will ultimately pay off. You will get what you deserve. Till then, don’t say why me, why not now and instead enjoy the little things happening in this moment.

Sometimes all you need is some optimism and I am glad I am choosing to be optimistic today. I know my life is not normal and is way far from perfect but I know what it is asking from me. It wants me to do everything and be everywhere all at once. And, you know what, I am going to do exactly the same.

So, if someone asks me today

Are you doing good in your life?

No, definitely not but I am giving my best.

Are you sad and complaining?

Big No, I am happy as hell but also constantly chasing that heavenly joy.

How do you see your life ahead?

I have faith in love, hope in me and trust in my abilities. I see a beautiful life in front of my eyes every single day.

Do you see your dream life coming to reality in future?

Well, I am on my way so wish me luck!

This was all from me today guys and I hope you equally enjoyed the read. Wish you a beautiful day ahead. Keep rocking and stay blessed.

PS: Me after writing this blog post 😉

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Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. Loved this post, I too am in a similar boat and have similar feelings at times. I love the one day and one thing at a time approach.

    Also, you haven’t done “less”. Pat yourself on the back for all that you’ve accomplished despite all the curve balls life has thrown at you. You are a true fighter. I’m proud of you 👏🏻

    Many many congratulations for your new house, I hope it brings a lot of happiness and good luck for your family.

    Much love and big hugs 🤗

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