Happy Rose Day to dear Rose

I really don’t know why I am writing this right now, at 3am sitting in my office but one thing is for sure that this is something I would have written if I would have to at any point of time in my life. So, it’s a Rose Day today. I just came to know this, a little while ago and as soon as I heard the word Rose, your face flashed on in my mind. This is something you are unaware of but it’s not new to me. It’s been happening since I had developed the nickname for you and will last for the rest of my life I guess, because every time I see or hear or imagine a Rose, it reminds me of you. A Rose gifted by god, the only one of its kind, delicate and beautiful. I am completely aware that the day is a starting node of a valentine’s week and they might be celebrating the day with their partners but as I said earlier, for me a Rose means you so it’s your day today. Let me share then, this is for you.

It’s been a year when we had begun having conversation on Facebook and it was a hilarious beginning to our online friendship. But, if you can remember, the best part of our Facebook sessions was the pokes we were having between us. I still remember how I used to receive those multiple pokes a day and sometimes it was so much fun that we used to poke each other while chatting. It was really funny and I still enjoy it. The story behind getting your phone number was a bit sad but I managed to grab both of them in one attempt when I won your trust. No, I haven’t forget my first attempt and how insulting I had felt that day, but you see it’s natural and I don’t forget things easily especially when it’s about a girl. 😉 The days passed by and we became friends, by friends I mean in real. We met for the first time at Mico Circle and it was so nice meeting you. And, hearing you for the first time on phone was another nicest thing I consider happened to me. Our first meet has created some cheerful moments in my life. You might say that what was special about that but your decision of borrowing a book from me instead of your office friend was something noticeable. It surely had shown that you were as curious as me to meet. I still remember our every single meet and the moments we have spent together smiling and laughing. I still remember how you had kept your word and had given me party, a party having two cups full of ice cream and two friends sitting next to each other with strange awkwardness. I still remember the day we had taken the coffee together. You had come to meet me just because I had asked you to and we ended up on a coffee that day.

How could I forget those prank phone calls we had shared when you had left for Pune. It was fun and lots of fun. I used to enjoy them even when I could not succeed in fooling you. But hey, watch over, my attempts are not over yet. I am going to fool you someday, yeah I will, you just wait and watch. The late night phone calls were super cool. I feel very nice talking to you late night and especially when I hold my bike up and stop in halfway to my house just to talk with you. Yup, I have done exactly the same numerous times. “Don’t pick the spot, just stop the bike and call Ashuda right away” is the mantra I follow while dialing you up.

Over the last year, we have experienced ups and downs together. We smiled, we laughed. We shared secrets, we played mind games. We argued, we fight. I know I have always behaved like a mad and I know how weird sometimes I had acted. I know how my over possessiveness has hurt you and how my stubborn nature caused silent session between us. And, on the other side it was you, cool and calm, listening to me patiently every single time. You have always taken care of me and my emotions despite of me being rude and mean. Today, let me thank you for being such a dearest friend to me. Thank you for being a part of my life. Thanks for the special moments and memories. I’m glad that God blessed me with this special Rose in the form of you.

Happy Rose Day to my dear Rose.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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