Her identity

Her name was no more a secrete now. The curiosity about her identity was about to end as he had gained access to her social media profile. He clicked-open her profile page to read the details of her. He read her name quietly once again and mull over it for a minute. She was of different caste, her name revealed. He smiled to himself ironically thinking how fallacious he was about himself for so many years. He would consider himself a non-religious person but still the first thought that crossed his mind after knowing her name was to which caste she belonged to. He didn’t know how that happened, perhaps similar thing would happen with anyone who grows old in a society that constantly talks about how they (people) all are different from each other by caste and religion. He was firm on his beliefs. Their names alone do not represent their identity he thought and returned to what he was doing, reading her profile. She originally belonged to one of the holy places of the country. He visualized her hometown like one, seen on television. Her current city was obviously the same to his.

He clicked-open the About tab below and scrolled the mobile screen further down to see other details. She had done graduation from the reputed university from the same city. The lines she had written to represent her caught his eyes. She was perfect in her own ways, something alike it said. He then went through the photo gallery with limited pictures of her. And, he was done with his primary investigation or stalking within few minutes.

She is living away from her homeland, in a different city and has done her higher studies from same place. She is educated, she is working, she is earning money and she is trying to be an independent girl. Plus, she understands and could speak in four different languages including his regional language which is plus one to the total number of languages he could understand and speak in. Her achievements in life are more than enough to reveal her true identity, aren’t they? he asked to himself.

Reading her details wasn’t enough, she still was a mystery to him.

To be continued…
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Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. Thanks Hargun! 🙂 Yup, next updates will be ready soon. You can find the list of upcoming posts with future publishing dates from sidebar on right. For now I have put them for this particular series only. 😀

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