Hold on – let Go

Hold on!
No, let it go!
Wait, you cannot let it go, just hang on there. Hold on, be patient and everything will be fine, just the way you want.
No way, if it has not happened till now, why will it happen hereafter, just quit and let go. A lot new is waiting to happen, let go and move on.
Yes, I have to let go!
No, I have to hold on!
Oh… forget it!
But, how can I forget?

Well, it goes on and on and on in an infinite loop. It is a never-ending fight between hope and wisdom. It happens with all of us that we get confused while taking a certain decision. Not an ordinary one but a powerful decision that is supposed to change our life by any mean. We need to take a stand to survive for our own sake. It often happens in life that we are forced to choose between the two. The hard part is that we think both are equally important and we just could not decide what to do. We believe both would be good for us and we find ourselves unable to decide that which one would be better. The mind start to play the games, analyzing every possibility of effects that could take place after choosing either one. The situation gets worse when we could not stop thinking and it continues to haunt us.

It is a part of life. Everyone has to deal with it in his/her life, not probably every time but for at least once in a lifetime for sure. With different people, at different ages, at different times, in different situations, for different reasons, for different purposes it will arise no matter what. A simple question, that is, shall I hold on or let go? Seems the easy one, isn’t it? You will say, with only two choices already provided, how it can be so difficult to pick the one. The answer is because it often arises when we are in the mid way of something. You take the decision to go for it, cover a long distance and in half the way, you realize it is not going like what you have thought or imagined. Standing in the middle you see backwards, a long journey traveled by you and in front of you is again a long journey still to be traveled. You get stuck in the middle thinking shall I quit and take a new route for it is not going my way or shall I continue the journey till the end for everything will be fine in the end. Now it makes a sense, isn’t it? The question, no doubt is super question as it is versatile in its own way.

The fascinating part is that the hold on – let go pair gets relate to anything you can imagine with. May it be a passion, dream, desire, need or even people and relation, it can relate to anything. Every person has his/her own perception towards life and it is obvious to have more or less important things as per their thinking and needs. Some people may get into this phase while chasing their passion or dream, some may get while working for their desire and needs and some may just get involved with people and relations and fall in that constrained situation. However, no one should blame himself/herself for getting into this situation as every question has an answer I believe.

People often go crazy when they find themselves in this situation. They overthink and get themselves in trauma. Every day, they witness a battle between hope and wisdom, Sometimes they find themselves so strong that they feel holding on is the easiest thing they could ever do and sometimes they feel so weak that they just want to let go. However, it has not proved until now that what is much harder to do. Is holding on is harder or letting go? Well, the fact is both are equal.

It is the circumstances and mindset that could define for an individual which one is harder. Moreover, unfortunately an individual always finds both harder and yet has to choose one, which messes up the whole scenario. Obviously, people in such situation try to find some inspiration. May it be wise quotes, sayings or inspirational stories or even an advice from friend or family member, they just want to get out of this. Here again, they get disappointed as the quotes, sayings & stories will also provide food to both. For example you can find a quote saying “The moment you are ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens” and you could find the one like “Sometimes, people never get what they deserve because they are too busy holding onto things they are supposed to let go of”. How was that? This is how it goes; you will always find hope whispering and wisdom advising you, both at the same time. The other people too could never really help when things go beyond limits. In the end, it should be you making the decision for yourself, on your own.

So, what does one should do? Which one is the right thing to do? Is there any third option? Well, no one really knows that. However, telling wisely, everyone should take the decision considering the whole scenario, analyzing every possibility. They should choose by which they will get satisfaction, happiness, peace in their life, what will affect them positively and more important what will give them opportunity to build a bright future and make their life beautiful.

What? What decision I will take if I supposed to take one? Well, as far as I believe, it is not about the decision, it is about choices that we make. It never matters that what does it brings to you, happiness or sadness, joy or sorrows, victory or defeat, success or failure, positive or negative, brightness or darkness and love or hate, until you know that what you are choosing will never make you regret later in future. Listen to your heart and feel the beats.

So, what will you choose between the two? Will you hold on or let go?

Do not forget to put a comment if you have read my article. It will help me to know that you were here. In addition, I would love to hold on with you for I never let go.

Cheers and Good Day!

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. You have very well portrayed the chaos and whirlwind of emotions while making the decision & beyond that when we think retrospectively midways. I guess the answer would be “IT DEPENDS”…. And looking behind, connecting the dots; I guess things fall into place 🙂

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