How it all began

He was having a dinner with his mates at canteen. He usually would have his dinner earlier in the evening when working in afternoon shift. He saw her for the very first time through the transparent glass door, the only entry door of canteen. She was smiling gracefully at her friend outside, quite far from him. Her smile had won his attention. He lifted another morsel to eat while looking at her.  No doubt, she was good-looking. He enjoyed looking at her even from the distance. Soon she left the place and went downstairs. He too shifted his focus to his meal.

That day, she was looking beautiful in her light turquoise kurti and dark shaded salwar, with a dupatta across her shoulders complementing her kurti perfectly well. She had a very long and thick hair, dark black in color. She had pulled them back keeping a long thick strand of hair on top of her forehead from left to the right, tucked behind her right ear. It would slip onto her right chick as when she bends her head down and she would not care tucking them behind the ear back. A tiny white nose stud had added extra charm to her face. He found her more pretty than earlier as she closely passed by their table. He was having a dinner in canteen as usual. He had seen her from the distance quite a few times before, at the same place. She would get his eyes on to her, every time she makes her presence at the place. He would then observe everything about her from the distance, her looks, her actions and her emotions as well. Every other day she would look more beautiful than earlier. That day, he could not resist his urge to appreciate her beauty in front of his mates.

‘Hey’ he said to his mate seated before him.

‘What..?’ One of them asked while taking a bite of roti from off the tiffin.

‘Look at her, that girl behind you.’ he said.

His mate looked behind at her; she was buying snacks from the counter.

‘What about her?’ his mate asked as he turned back to him.

‘She is so beautiful, isn’t she?’ he asked quietly.

‘Ohhh.. what’s on your mind bro?’ his mate teased him.

‘Nothing like that! I just wanted to praise her beauty, that’s it.’ he tried to convince his mate.

‘Oh, is it like that? If it is, then you should do so in front of her and not behind her back.’

‘Oh yes, I will do that. I genuinely want to pay her a compliment.’ he said in firm voice.

‘Okay, so what are you waiting for?’ ‘Go ahead.’

‘Not right now, will do that some other day.’ he said smiling.

‘Okay, okay’ ‘Let’s see.’

He looked at her again while she passed before him carrying a bowl filled with rice in one hand and a cold drink bottle in another. He kept looking at her until she reached her table and got engaged in eating. The next moment she was laughing with her friends, looking at her he made his mind that someday he definitely will pay a compliment to her.

Little did he know back then, that it would take him so long. A compliment was yet to be paid since last four months. He would think about paying it to her very often but would fail to execute. At times he would lose all his hopes but fear to keep any regrets as well. He was very particular about regrets though; he never liked to keep any.

To be continued…
♥ ♥ ♥

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. ha ha… it’s quite long period of time.. and yes, let’s see where did destiny took them thereafter 😉 Stay tuned for next updates. Thanks for reading. 🙂

  2. Paying compliments to a girl one likes can be difficult indeed 😉
    I think this four month leap would bring something substantial now, wouldn’t it?

  3. Yes, very much indeed… and can’t say such right now… as I said characters have their own destiny and things will happen accordingly.. or let’s just hope that he creates his own and make things happen for him… 😉

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