How to get yourself introduced to a beautiful stranger girl

I am weird at dealing with strangers and especially when the stranger is a girl. Or, you can say I am worst at handling myself around girls. The stranger and a girl make a very tough task for me. I hardly have any experience of spending time with girls as I never really had any female friends in my life (looser I’m). Now, I have few and all of them are from virtual world. We only chat, you see. It is more of a topic of debate that why I don’t count them as my real life friends but I will give it a thought on any other day. Coming back to my struggle, I have always found it hard to approach a girl who is a stranger.

So, overall it is a case of a guy who really doesn’t know how to approach a girl, a stranger girl, a beautiful stranger girl. Initially, I thought that it might be because I am an introvert and which is quite true but on the other hand I can deal with stranger guys if I really want to. It is no big deal if you walk straight to the guy and introduce yourself to him. He won’t matter at all. Within couple of minutes you will be shaking each others hands. However, the case with the girls is totally different I guess. Why am I doing this at all? is the first question which has kept me away from having girl friends, I guess. You can’t change the past so let’s keep that story aside. So now that I have cracked the first question and have some meaningful answer, I have engaged myself with unnecessary thoughts. (‘I have written a poem about one girl at my work place and I just want her to read it’ is the secrete here). So, it’s been months since I had started to think of approaching her and I have continuously failed at it. Below are the questions that pops up in my head whenever I think about approaching a girl (it is her in this case)

  • How do I approach? :? I mean, I just don’t want to cross her way and ask her to talk to me. How weird it looks, no?
  • Do I stare at her and let her know? :? No ways, it is way cheap.
  • Try to make an eye contact whenever I cross her way? :? It is just impossible I guess; I hardly will get any chance to cross her way.
  • Shall I approach her friend first? :? Yeah, I know, bad, very bad idea!

And, even if I get succeed at my attempt to talk with her, what next? The questions my mind asks are

  • How will I greet her? Hi, Hello? :?:
  • Will she return the greeting as well? :?:
  • Will she even be interested in listening to me? :?:
  • Shall I start with introducing myself or ask her name first or tell the reason, why we are here? :?:
  • Will she judge me? :?: Off course she will, I think.
  • Will it be a weird scene overall to ask a girl to talk with you and handover a poem written about her? :?:
  • Will she doubt my intentions or will she take time to decide? :?:
  • Will she get agree to read my poem? :?:
  • Will she talk to me? :?: I don’t think so.

Okay, let’s assume that I would succeed in having my first conversation with her. Well, what next?

  • Will she be normal or have that hate kind of look in her eyes for me?
  • Will she make it public, if she finds it ridiculous?
  • What if the whole scene goes public at work place?
  • What if she gets hurt?
  • What if her friends make her life worst at the place?

The endless thoughts and questions keeps wandering in my head and every time I decide to quit. I decide not to give it a try. However, wanting her to read that poem is the only wish I have, an honest one with good intentions. But, again will she believe it? :/

I know there are many who could relate to this situation and are not that good to befriend the girls. Well, for some it might be just a piece of cake but yeah there are like us who find it tough. It would have been so great if I could get to know what a girl normally think of a guy who approaches her all of sudden from nowhere. Let’s see what happens next. And wait, let me just check if there is any person who can relate to this? And girls, if you want to suggest or add the possibilities, do so by commenting below.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. Oh my god! You remind me of one of my friends who’s knee deep into questions of this sort! xD

    To answer your questions, I have a really hard time dealing with guys who ‘want’ to talk to me but figure out no certain way! It is actually pretty hilarious to watch them sneaking occasional glances and winking (at instances) or running straight and saying,”Hi!” It is ridiculous honestly, to greet a girl when you don’t know her!

    Should you stare at her? No freaking way!

    Should you go straight up and greet her? No freaking way!

    Should you pull up awkward tricks? Hell no! What are you even thinking?

    By this time, you’d have probably realized that just like you guys have a problem facing girls who are strangers, we too don’t have a perfect code that defines ‘gentleman’ approaches and what approach is right or what is wrong.

    Moral of the story – girls are complicated 🙂

  2. Hahah… Yeah they are! And see in that long comment you did not give any sort of suggestion. And yeah, there is no way actually to befriend a stranger girl I guess.

  3. Well, there is a way – if the stranger is hot, handsome, Adam Levine/Chace Crawford or probably the stranger’s cute little, five year old brother with a lollipop, strangers so stand a chance with a girl.

    Else, anybody would freak out and probably scream or shriek and cause public humiliation lol.

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