Long distance relationship

Now-days it is becoming very hard to survive in a relationship and sustain that relationship for long. There are many factors, which affect the relationships, which eventually determine the future of the same. However, when it comes to LDRs i.e. Long Distance Relationships, only one factor takes a large space in our mind, that is distance, which we think, is the only crucial factor to decide the future of the LDR. It is acceptable to some extent as it is actually a crucial one but there can be and there are many factors, which are likewise important in the LDR. First, let us discuss about LDRs and how it went.

In this century of greatest technology and gadgets, it has become very easy for two to communicate with each other. The introduction of mobile phones formed the base for LDRs as they took away the obstacles like geographical distance from the communication. With the help of calls and texting services, it became easy to communicate and interact with each other. Later came social networks that made it even simpler and very comfortable for two to stay connected all the time via the internet.

The people in the world got close and still getting closer to each other with every enhancement of technology. The sharing became simple and easy. It can be considered as one of the biggest change the world has witnessed this century and is the greatest one with no doubts. As like any, this change has also touched the human’s methodology of living, relationships and set the new standards for the same. And how could the relationship between a boy and a girl be the exception.

In the past years, it has always been seen, especially in our country India that a boy and a girl find it very difficult to share their thoughts, express their feelings for each other or even to communicate due to the restrictions our culture had over them. They used to struggle to find the ways to interact. However, the world has changed and so as India. Now-days the two can easily communicate, interact, share and express, all is the blessing of technology. They use mobile phones to make calls, send texts or use internet to hang out on chats and stay connected all the time from literally any place or part of the city, state or country, leading to get involved in each other and form that so called Long Distance Relationship. The distance does not matter, does it?

Most of the time it becomes difficult to maintain a LDR for the two as it has different rules than other relationship in which the two spend lots of time being physically present with each other. In LDR, they get fewer chances to meet each other due to the long geographical distance. Ultimately, lots of definition change like expressing emotions becomes much difficult as they can neither feel each other’s presence nor have any eye contact. The emotions are expressed using smiley/emoticons.

The words and the language used while communicating occupy much more space than actions in LDR. It is always less difficult to provide our shoulder to cry on rather than consoling our beloved with the help of words only in certain situation, isn’t it? Guessing, thinking and imagination becomes more valuable things, often treated as signs of a good partner who in general can guess his/her partner’s mood very well, thinks of him/her all the time. Talking becomes the basic rule, the more you talk the more you love/ care for each other. Altogether, the base of any LDR is communication if it has gone off in the same manner i.e. being far away from each other. The communication becomes the key for these relationships to survive and sustain the same for long.

The two involved in LDR face many challenges to make their relationship worth and beautiful. The misunderstanding between two, jealousy, possessiveness, and doubts in mind about partner can hurt any healthy LDR with great deal. The maturity level of the two involved plays a big role in that case. A small argument can also lead to big losses in LDR. Even, expecting more from partner can fall you in trouble. The biggest challenge in LDR is being truthful and real with your partner and often many struggles to do the same. It becomes very easy to lie, keeping secrets and cheating on partner in LDR, which often lead to breakups in the end. The seriousness about the relationship of the two involved equally matters to make healthy LDR.

Not all the LDR’s applicable for the things mentioned above. It is not the case always for LDR to have beginning of their relationship with distance in place. Sometimes the loved ones have to get separated and be at places apart for some reason. It cannot or even it is not always the case that the LDR is used to refer relation between a girl and a boy only. Now days, it is common that the family members need to travel and move away from their home for the jobs, education or for any other purpose. Herein, that relationship is also called as LDR. In the end, it is the love, care and affection that makes any relationship strong and those who have this will have a successful relationship, which will last longer and forever. It is the presence of distance that make the relationship the LDR, but it can prove to be just a word if the relation is strong and based on honesty, trust and love.

So, Are you involved in LDR ? Don’t hesitate to comment if you have anything to say related to LDR, you are always welcome.

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Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. I was. We broke off due to other reasons, but yes! LDR’s are difficult to maintain. The ‘Love’ is there but it is tested….we made it, with a long of speed breakers :p

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