I had never thought that I will come up with this one, a marigold to start off with one of my interests i.e photography. I was wondering what I will click first to get started with. Yeah, I won’t be clicking here and there just to post pictures here. In fact, I will try to be as unique as possible. So, here I am, coming with this beautiful marigold.

Type of photography – Nature

Place –The terrace of my home

Date – 15th Jan 2015

Time – Evening

Background – I was out last evening, looking up at the sky full of kites. It was ‘Makar Sankranti‘, one of the best festivals of India going on. I had gone to terrace to see how the environment around is, I had less interest to stay there for long though. The Sun was about to set and I was just wondering looking at the plants we had on terrace. They all were shining green. In the right corner along the stairs, I found three bright orange plump marigolds swaying on the air. I was attracted by them so I moved closer. I was wondering how they had managed to stay such a fresh till the late evening as most of the flowers would dry out. I did not waste my time and captured them in my camera. Well, the one displayed above is just one of them, a fabulous one I guess.

A message – I live in a country where people set classes for people, lifestyle and literally everything based on some criteria. On normal day, a marigold would be considered a less beautiful than other flowers. They would use it to pass sarcasm rather than compliment by calling someone by its name. However, they would die for it when festivals arrive as it’s one of the favorite flowers to devote to Indian Gods. I don’t believe in these things at all, all flowers are equally beautiful. In fact, every natural creation possesses beauty in its own way. Same goes with the people. Every individual possesses his charm; we should respect it rather than comparing one with another. See, how cute this marigold is looking. Beauty appreciated.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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