Needless sacrifices

To sacrifice, is the one deed you will ever do in your life, which will always make you feel proud of yourself.

Sacrificing had never been easy for anyone yet it is that pleasurable deed every good person would love to do.  It takes a big heart and the real good character to make any sacrifice by any mean. Making sacrifices will always bring you pain, despair and sadness; however, you still make it for sacrifices are done for the sake of better over any good.  No matter how difficult you find it to make, you will always end up with immense satisfaction and pleasure after you successfully make it. And, why you should not be? After all, you have done the great thing, Right? Absolutely right! I would say because it really is. Nevertheless, in some cases, my wise brain takes over my traditional thinking and I tend to think with different perspective towards this.

For what do you sacrifice?

Well, it is India; the country full of the people with sacrifices. You will find every second person sacrificing something for something else. Our culture taught us that sacrificing is such a great deed to do. However, it is getting more common and easy these days. I think, we have taken it too seriously and are willing to do it for our pleasure more than for the sake of good. And gradually, I have started to feel and believe in how they differentiate between the real and fake. You too might have had such type of discussions where you classify things that way like love can be real or fake, friendship can be real or fake and so on. I had never believed in such nonsense before as I used to think that how it could be possible. There can be only two possibilities, either you do or do not, either you have it or have not and so on. After all, if you love then you love; it cannot be real or unreal. Similarly, if you are sacrificing then you are sacrificing, it cannot be real or unreal. Unfortunately, it is wrong, I was wrong too. The words might not explain it properly but there are such possibilities. It is more about the value and quality, how worth it was to do, how it was done and for what it was done, what were the ultimate results. In the end you must feel the satisfaction and pleasure for what you did as the result of any sacrifice should be a better thing than what it could be if not. You should be happy about what have you got right after doing sacrifice. Right?

What can you sacrifice?

I know there is no answer to this one. Every person is different and he/she could sacrifice anything. Definitely, you make little sacrifices everyday like staying awake at late night and wait for your loved ones to arrive home, give your piece of sweets to your brother/sister, putting your work away just to help others, not to express your wills and do what makes others happy, giving your credit to your friend and so on. You will make thousands of sacrifices in your life, you might be doing them unknowingly but you do. And, believe me each of them will be getting counted. These sacrifices may seem little as compared to others but they are worth to do as they make you happy, makes other people happy which is ultimately, what we want. Beside these, there are sacrifices, which in turn could change your whole life all together. They are more likely about love, relations and people. Are these sacrifices worth to make? Is there any need to make them? Do they bring you better things ahead? Do they fulfill your purpose behind? Lot more to think, huh !

I have seen and often heard of the sacrifices, which ultimately ruins the lives of people, especially sacrifice of love, relations and people. Well, I believe most of them can be avoided just by taking right decisions at right time. Let me tell you one common scenario wherein a boy and a girl fall in love with each other, they spend time together, share the bond of love and ultimately get involved in a relation.  They hold the hands, kiss and make love with each other before marriage. What is the big deal, huh? Though, it may seem common behavior but if you are in India, the scenario will be considered worst. In India, this behavior is nothing less than making a sin. Even if the couple decides to get marry, they face many difficulties in doing so. Here in India, it is not only the couple that gets engaged with each other but also both of their families gets engaged and forms the relations with each other. Eventually, the agreement & permission of parents to the marriage is given more importance than anything else.  In addition, if they want to do love marriage then both the families will consider to which religion, caste, status the other party belongs. For parents, their caste, status in society is more important than their children’s happiness and their decision often ends with “no” to the marriage. Frankly speaking, out of ten, nine times the parents in India will not allow their children to do love marriage. So, back to our topic, in such scenario most of the time the couple decides to sacrifice their love, relation and themselves for the sake of happiness of their parents. Is it right to do so? Well, don’t you think the couple could have avoid these sacrifices if they have taken decision of not to be involved in each other at the first place? Agree, we fall in love unknowingly. But, can’t be it possible to just be with each other and not to have physical contact until marriage? Can’t they behave with some maturity along with being in love? Besides that, I believe, before marriage, holding hands of each other is enough for true lovers. At least, it will not allow you to feel any regret if you could not get marry by any mean in future. Every boy/girl knows his/her parents well enough to judge their reaction about love marriage, then why to get involved in such affairs, make sacrifices and ruined our lives even when we know the results at first place. Is there any need to make such sacrifices? Aren’t these sacrifices needless?

Sacrifice and giving up

Sacrifices can ultimately considered as giving up on something, not for sake of good but for the sake of better. However, giving up will not be considered as wise as sacrifice. Giving up is a sign of cowardice. This is the reason why sacrificing has become so common and easy thing to do. These days, people are easily giving up on the relations and people. They do not want to give one more chance and try to save their relations and people. I believe, if we try to convince people and make them understand the situation then you will not need to make any such sacrifices. So, before sacrificing anything just think one more time and try to put all things together. Think, are you sacrificing or giving up.

Sacrifices are priceless; make them wisely. Do not reduce their value by doing such needless sacrifices, which will make you regret, which will make others regret and which will ruined lives at its worst. We sacrifice to make all things work better, so make sure everybody will be happy in the end.

Stay Blessed and Cheers !

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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