Serving non-veg (Whatsapp – 18+)

Whatsapp will serve you the best at any place! How about non-veg?

Don’t you think that above lines will best suit as a status for hundreds of Whatsapp users?

It has been more than four years since Whatsapp was launched for free public use on various smart phones. The software is an instant messaging service available on Google android, Blackberry OS, Apple iOS, etc. The main feature of messenger includes instant sharing of stylish texts. In addition to that, you can send images, videos and audio messages to other Whatsapp users. To this date, Whatsapp has managed to gain its reputation as one of the strong social media tool engaging millions of users and the count is growing day by day.

Like other social media sites, Whatsapp too has its own advantages and disadvantages. The one common thing is that it too makes impact on human psychology and mindset. Lots of study and research took place and the result was no surprise, it is addictive.

Well, there are numerous advantages and/or disadvantages but there exist another dark side to it. Do you ever think about what Whatsapp has done? Yes, it made sharing very simple and easy, sharing of texts as well as images and videos. You get all the stuff directly in your hand at any place and you carry the same for 24/7. Moreover, with grouping facility the sharing takes place on big scale. Number of users shares the stuff at single place in a certain group. So, what it has done? Is it beneficial?

Of course, it is beneficial if it is utilize for good. But, unfortunately, it is not. It has been seen that Whatsapp has become one of the easiest ways for people to spread the non-veg content (By non-veg I mean the 18+ content, the stuff that includes dirty texts, vulgar images and videos). Exchanging such dirty texts is not new as its started earlier with the rise of messaging service (SMS service) on mobile phones. The limitations were you could send only texts and that is to only one person at a time. Moreover, multimedia messages came into play but remain topic of less interest. The main reason why Whatsapp is used so widely is its cost. It is a free service for one year and causes you very less amount after that.

It has been observed that most of the teenagers and youngsters use it to spread dirty and vulgar content. As a funny part, most of them exchange dirty non-veg texts. With Whatsapp’s another cool feature of sharing images and videos made the situation worse. Images with nudity and pornographic videos gets share that reach directly into the hands, available to read, view and watch 24/7. Moreover, the scale becomes large when it comes to groups.

In very common scenario, you will see, when a group of friends joins Whatsapp they add their contacts including their school friends, college friends, colleagues and family members. Soon, they create a separate group like one for school friends and other for college friends. Mostly, the group of boys does not include any girl and vice versa and here, all gets started. One cracks the joke below the belt and all laughs, all others follow the chain and soon the conversation becomes very vulgar and dirty. The conversation that was meant to have fun becomes adult conversation. Most of the times it is intentional to form such secret groups where they can share dirty talks, vulgarity and nudity. Soon, this sharing becomes a habit and the addiction.

Today, it has become the habit for hundreds of teenagers and/or youngsters to spread such non-veg 18+ stuff through Whatsaap. These dirty talks have become the part of their routine life as they use Whatsapp for whole day and spend much of the time participating in such adult conversation and talks. From morning to the night, they involve themselves in dirty talks, they laugh, they enjoy but in the end, it is bad, too bad. What does all this cause to people who are involved? Well, dirty talks affect human thoughts and create dirty minds. People lose interest in good and could start following bad habits. It is also harmful to teenagers to be surrounded by such content all the time for whole day. It is complete wastage of time and needless at the same time.

But, again, it is just an App controlled by us. We the users are responsible for making it a place what it supposed to be. Thus, if we could share something useful and good, the place will be better itself. Instead of talking dirty, sharing vulgarity and nudity, you can talk general, crack funny jokes and have fun. Instead of creating such 18+ groups, you can create groups providing useful information and knowledge for others. You can share good thoughts, experiences and inspirational stuff that could fill people’s mind with happiness and joy. So next time when you think of using Whatsapp, think it as a place where you can spread good stuff that would help everyone. Also, ask some questions before sharing anything

  • Am I sharing good content?
  • Is my content useful in any way?
  • Will my content affect human mind in positive way?
  • Is it productive in any way and worth to share?

Whatsapp is surely a cool app that has facilitated us with many great features. Let’s make a good use of it serving some sweet dishes instead of non-veg.

Do you use Whatsapp? What do you serve over there? What place it is like for you? Do you love what you are served by your friends over there? Do share your views and opinions. Do not hesitate to leave a comment. If you like the article then must share and help to serve good stuff.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. Exactly the way i felt while using it but u cant stop using it because it offers cheap and effective sharing of many useful resources…but there are groups(18+) which we are being joined without our consent(by fun [so called] loving frnds) ..even if u exit the group ..they add us for fun …because of all of this i think facebook is always the best( by level of sharing and decency )…

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