The dirty Indian languages

Believe me, I had kept this post on hold and had planned to put it into my “Thoughts” category. However, as I turned on the television today, few hours ago, I could not resist myself and thought this is the perfect time to write about this so here I go. Moreover, I am deliberately going to put it in both categories viz. Happenings and Thoughts; you will shortly get to know why.

Back to the topic, first let me know your reaction on reading the post title. Definitely, it has something in it otherwise it would never have succeeded in getting your valuable attention. Alternatively, I would say it might have made you feel something from inside. Let me guess, you would probably have wondered or gotten angry, former because I dare to put such a title to post in public and later because you felt that I am abusing Indian languages. Wait, there is another possibility, what if you would have felt nothing? We will, come to that shortly. Let me ask those who have wondered, is this the first time you wondered seeing this abusive post title? Don’t you get to hear the exactly similar abusive language in your day-to-day life? In addition, for those who have gotten angry on me for putting such a title and abusing our language, just ask yourself that how angry you get when you use the same language to abuse people. Doesn’t that make you angry about yourself? Does not it signify that you too are abusing our language by using abusive words in it? I hope that you would probably have gotten your answers now and my point of view too.

Let me share, what I saw on television today that compelled me to write this post straight away. They had caught one of the ministers from reputed political party abusing a woman for her little mistake. He had used such an abusive language that no person would want to listen in any circumstances. The woman had to listen to him as he holds the political power and status that any common and poor person will fear about. The unfortunate thing for us is that, the people in our country are now becoming shameless and they do not feel any guilt of being so. Having no idea about what impact it will have on other’s mind, they just want to be in their vanity.

Now talking about the third possibility, many out there would have felt nothing even after reading such abusive title. That is it. The real problem with our generation is that we find it so normal reading and listening to such abusive language. We find nothing wrong in using such abusive words in our day-to-day life. In fact, we use them on quite regular basis. We do not feel any shame or guilt for doing so. Why it has happened? Why our beautiful, prosperous and most cultured languages are turning into vulgar and abusive languages? Do we have forgotten to respect our languages and their value in our culture? Or, is it just that we don’t want to preserve their richness anymore. Nevertheless, I believe it is solely the responsibility of us to preserve the richness of our all languages and if we decide, we can make them more rich and valuable. Our country, (Proud to say India) has been known for its rich languages that are being spoken by the people of our country. The people in India speaks the most number of languages. I cannot tell you how proud I feel about that but definitely it would be shameful if we lose the beauty of these languages by just adding dirty and bad words into them.

I often see or hear people abusing while they argue or fight with each other. They lose their temper, get angry and ultimately lose their control over their tongue. At that time, it becomes hard for them to choose the proper words which results in abusing each other. However, up to certain extent it can be acceptable to curse to make ourselves anger free, after all, we all are human beings and such mistake forgivable. But, it is unfortunate to see people using abusive, vulgar and dirty words in day-to-day life on regular basis. I often see people, especially the young fellows using such words quite often in their hangouts and daily talks. Young generation does not hesitate to use dirty, vulgar and abusive words about their parent while arguing, which is most unfortunate and shameful thing to accept. Even, they greet each other with such words. It will always lose the prosperity of our languages if we use such words regardless of intentions we are using them with. Whether to have fun, to enjoy or just because we like to use, the bad words we use will never change their meaning and will never turn into good ones.

It is not only the languages that are getting spoiled due to such abusive words but also the surrounding environment. Some People try not to use abusive language in front of the family members, women and children. They avoid talking abusive inside their homes. They think that doing this they are helping to keep up good environment. Of course, they are and it is wise decision also, but wouldn’t that be great if we avoid using abusive language literally from every conversation we have. Being at home or outside, among the crowd or alone, if abusive language does not affect the language itself, it will definitely affect an individual’s character, dignity, thinking and mentality for they get represented by the words they choose to talk.

In the end, it is an individual’s choice to contribute to our languages, to preserve their values, richness, culture and beauty. It is my humble request to all that do not spoil our languages for we are so fortunate to speak in such precious languages.

Last but important, I just want to apologies for using such title for this post, but believe me it was not meant to abuse our language. In fact, I feel very proud of all of our languages, whether I speak them or not. I do value them and love them a lot.

Do put your thoughts about this post as comments below; I would love to hear from you. Stay blessed and love to all.

शुभ रात्री !

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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