The joy of giving blood

I had a great last day. I along with my friends donated blood at the blood donation camp held by us. Since the last few months we were working together to form a social organization named “Sevabhavi Bahujan Hitay”, a multipurpose organization wherein we could do some social activities for the good of our society. The development of organization is still in progress though. The blood donation camp was held successfully at Nashik, in which we managed to hit the count of 53 blood donors which is quite a good number for inexperienced guys.

The idea to hold such an event was planned just a few days ago and with the help of one of the primary blood bank “Arpan” in our city we organized the event last day. The challenge was to achieve the least donor’s count which was 30, set by the blood bank for us. We had spread the news to our friends and families and were expecting to have good response. We got the good response initially and at the end. In between we felt nervous as the donors were not showing up as expected. But, as the saying goes all’s well that ends well.


The event would not have been successful if guys would not have shown the spirit to join and contribute. I thank and congratulate those who joined us and contributed. Besides that, we had few guys who left inspiring us by their actions. Some of our friends had come traveling from other cities and still donated the blood. I would like to mention one of my friends Amit Bhangale specially, who had traveled to the city (Nashik) just to donate the blood in spite of having to go back to his city (Pune) to report in night shift at work. The spirit shown by him has inspired all of us and hopefully we will carry the same while doing other social activities in near future. On the other hand, there was one stranger old man who had come seeing our banner outside along the street. It takes a big heart and desire to contribute in any social cause and that man showed the right spirit. Many thanks to him as well. Then there were few girls who had shown up to the event, no I’m not saying that girls don’t contribute to any social cause but at the blood donation camp they are expected to show up in less number. Anyways, we also had some girl-friends willing to donate their blood but they unfortunately they did not qualify for a single reason, having less amount of hemoglobin. I would like to ask all the girls here to pay attention to their health as having less amount of hemoglobin than required can lead to health issues in future. Anyways, the notable thing here is that they were at least willing to donate and that is not less by any means. The contribution from our friend circle was remarkable too so overall it was a great experience.


You can’t avoid that; yes I’m talking about disappointments. Whenever you will put your efforts in some work/cause you expect to get good outcome. Here we were expecting to receive good response to our event from the people whom we had invited to contribute. Though we received good response at the end, some observations made us disappointed

Your call for help will go unnoticed everywhere when you will ask them to contribute in social cause

WhatsApp groups –

When someone drop non-veg joke:
Wow, that was fu**ing laughter, let me reply with smiley >:D

When a message for social cause arrive:
Ohh, what the fu** are these guys doing, social work? Is It worth? Better I don’t say anything

In person Conversations –

What? Taking blood out of my body? Are you kidding? Look at me, do you think I can donate?
I don’t have time friend, too busy that day plus it will ruin my whole day
Not interested (Good one though)

I can understand that everyone is living with very tight schedule and get very less time to take part in social activities. I did not get disappointed because the people I expected did not show up but I got disappointed knowing that

  • people don’t care
  • any social activity is not their concern anymore
  • they don’t have proper knowledge about blood donation
  • those who have proper knowledge don’t consider it as their responsibility to share the knowledge to people who have set wrong myths and attitude towards blood donation

Facts about blood donation

  • It is a myth that giving blood will ruin your two-three days of normal activity. The fact is after giving blood, you stay as fit as early that you won’t feel any difference in energy at all. There exist only some precautions to take like you should take breakfast or meal before and after giving blood just to ensure that you don’t feel weakness which is a rare case for any qualifying donor.
  • It is a myth that a person with thin physic can’t donate the blood. The fact is that there is a qualification criterion to be able to give blood away. If you meet the criteria like have weight more that 50Kg. then you are eligible. Nothing like thin or fat body at all.
  • It is a myth that you lose the amount of blood for though out the life. The fact is our body generates new blood at regular interval and taking some blood out will lead to improvement of this process. In fact if you donate the blood regularly, the fresh blood circulates in your body and your immune power goes up.
  • It is a myth that blood banks have made this a business. The fact is they are doing their best to supply blood to the needy people. In fact, the blood bank with which we held even have adopted almost 200 kids detected with the disease called “Thalassemia”. The kids having this disease are required to supply blood at regular interval of 15 days and the bank is supplying them free of cost.

About Thalassemia

Our blood donation camp event had also offered a free diagnosis test of Thalassemia for free to the donors. Thalassemia is a blood disorder passed down through families (inherited) in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. The disorder results in excessive destruction of red blood cells, which leads to anemia. For more info you can google it.

Why to donate blood

Besides what is right and wrong, where do we stand in social work and how concern we are about social events, the main reason you should donate the blood is that, you will be the reason why someone is alive. It is about pride, satisfaction and happiness. The joy of giving blood is something that no one should miss in his lifetime.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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