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I’ve made lots of changes to my blog since I began to take blogging seriously. As a blogger you would want to take most out of the WordPress platform and I just did the same. There were many reasons behind me taking the decision to perform blog makeover. I am listing some of them below so that it will be helpful for other bloggers who needs to perform blog makeover.

Get Responsive

Do you know on what kind of devices your blog is being read by people? If you don’t, then let me tell you that, this is a world of fast growing technology and gadgets where people have started to use internet on the small devices like smart phones and tablets instead of their desktops and laptops. They usually prefer smart phones and tablets which has screens of less size. So, you would definitely want to make sure that your blog being displayed properly on all of these devices. How to do that? Don’t worry; it is as simple as changing the theme. It’s your theme that decides how your blog will display on these different devices. So, search for the responsive themes in the WordPress theme gallery. Change the theme and you can preview how it looks, in the Customize option. There is another way of making your theme responsive by enabling the option in settings but I would recommend having responsive theme over that option. The reason is making theme responsive just enables scrolls while viewing blog on mobiles but having responsive theme gives your blog a complete new look on mobiles making sure that user get nice reading experience.

Justify your text

I know most of the bloggers rarely pay attention to the alignment of the text in the post. Text alignment is an important factor in the presentation of your post. You can give your text one of the four alignments to make it proper looking as per the demand of the post. We usually use left alignment for the text but one common complain about using it is the spaces it left on the right side when a word does not fits completely in the line. But, with the Justify alignment you will get rid of this problem and your text will be spread over the area consistently without leaving white spaces on the right side of the page. Below is the screen shot to differentiate left aligned text and text made justified. Please note that, making your text Justify aligned will cause an unequal spacing between the words, it looks fine on most of the occasions but do make sure every time that your text is not looking weird.

Use images as much as possible

Having an image in a post has become damn necessary these days. A post without an image can simply get ignored by most of the readers. The relevant images or pictures add the spark to your writing. With the relevant images your posts looks meaningful and attractive and readers too enjoys while reading. Using images also help to seek attention of readers. It does not end here at using images. You should make sure that you are presenting the images in right way. Take the advantage of formatting ability provided by WordPress to make images look just awesome. You can put images in different sizes and with different alignment. You might want to add caption to your images as well.

Set featured images to posts

Featured images are those that represent your posts in search view, sticky view, or anywhere as per your theme’s ability. Most of the themes in WordPress Gallery have this feature. With featured images, your post will have its own image to show up when searched on the web or shared over the social networking sites. The featured images are the once that are used along with link when shared anywhere.

Enable Related Posts to show below every post

You will find some auto suggested posts below this one. No, they don’t just show up, you will need to turn the option on. Go to Settings -> Reading and you will find the option over there. I have added the screenshot for your convenience.

There are lots of things you should know about WordPress and Blogging. I will keep sharing them with you all. Don’t hesitate to make the changes to your blog as they say, Change Is Good. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this, I will be glad to help you in any possible way.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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