10 Reasons to quit using WhatsApp

The people all over the world are definitely enjoying the fast and low-priced messaging service of WhatsApp. The capability of an app can be imagined by the price Mark paid to own it i.e. $19 Billion. The app has unbelievably good features and very easy to handle. No surprise that it is being used by the billions all over the world. It is in-expensive, fast, powerful and everything you could ever ask from any messaging app. While the app is playing a very big role in people’s day to day life it certainly has its down side as well. Not all the people are having good time using the app, I guess. I am very sure that there exist people who might be looking for the reasons to quit using WhatsApp. The wait is over, find some crazy as well meaningful reasons below to quit using the app.

1. You get addicted

Checking out all the messages from your girlfriend, friends, family and relatives is mandatory; no matter whether you are in school, college, office, train, plane or any other place on the planet, it is a must to do thing. The time does not count as well. You should check out the messages before you go to sleep and after you wake up and after every 2 seconds for whole day. Whatever the time is, you just need to check all those messages out at any point of time. Trust me, you are addicted my friend, you are addicted. You get addicted and you don’t really accept that.

2. You don’t belong to this world anymore

“Will you please listen to me?”
“Yes mom, I am listening…”
“Come here, I need your help”
(One hour later) Hey mom..
“You had called me no?”
“Bang!!! See the time idiot.”

You lose yourself while chatting with others and don’t pay the attention to happenings in real world. No more you belong to this world, WhatsApp is the new world you belong to.

3. You become answerable

Why the hell he messaged me? No, I’m not going to reply. But wait, he knew that I have read the message. F**k, I have to reply him now. You are responsible for their disappointment, sadness, anger and all their emotions because you did not answer to their messages. How could you do that, you were a different person before. Tell me, how could you? Well, you are forcefully made answerable to all the messages and don’t ever think to avoid the sender.

4. Congrats, you just got a bunch of new friends

Okay, so I am a part of this group now. Let me check how many of them were my friends during college time. Yess, I used to talk to admin of this group. We were friends and we talk occasionally now. I remember few faces out from the rest 167. Not a bad deal, I have 160+ friends now, awesome no? The unwanted groups as well as people will cross you every now and then.

5. You behave abnormally

Well, it’s been 5 minutes baby since you saw my message and still you are not replying. Hell, she is online then why isn’t she replying? Can you please stop IGNORING me? The anger, frustration and sadness define your daily moods. You start behaving abnormally.

6. You feel insecure

“No sister, not that video!!! You should not see that, okay??”
“Oh, so you won’t be listening to your elder brother now, eh?”

The overflow of adult content on your phone makes you feel insecure and you try not to hand over your phone to any of them in your family.

7. You start to stalk

Yes, I got her number. Wow, she use the app. Let me check her status. She is looking happy indeed. You constantly look for the status updates from your ex and crushes and it gives you some kind of satisfaction but most of the time it ruins your mood for the entire day.

8. You become extra cautious

Ohh, she has a nice DP. I have to take a ‘Selfie’ right now. Status is what defines me. So, you care more about your status updates and profile pictures and you take efforts to do the frequent changes.

9. Free giveaways

He just asked me to join on WhatsApp and I did. Is there anything wrong with it? Well, you just gave away your cell number baby! Who cares, spread my number all over the world. You very easily give away your cell number to an acquaintance who may harm you later.

10. You develop new definitions

You are not on WhatsApp so you are not my friend. As simple as that! Get the smart phone and install WhatsApp if you really want to stay in touch. All my friends and relatives use the app and you should do the same, got it? So, your definitions of friendship, relationship and staying in touch get changed. The people on WhatsApp are your best buddies now and the one who used to hang around you during your bad days is just an acquaintance to you.

The reasons listed above are enough to make you quit using WhatsApp. The list is incomplete and you can add the points if you wish to. Do so by commenting below and must like and share if you like the article.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. Good lord! I’m quite far away from that world though. I quit whatsapp immediately after they introduced the “Read” service. It was ridiculous lol.

  2. Haha, yeah… It’s ridiculous but see every technology brings some good as well as bad features, it’s up to you how you make use of it and to what extent.

  3. I can never quite understand what is this ‘whatsapp’ all about. I just have it coz everyone does…about using it..well depends. It is kinda irritating. Its like people have no better work to do than get on whatsapp and disturb other people. It is useful if u have to send an instant message… but that’s it.. the rest is crap!
    I am on whatsapp tho’.. just for the identity.. ie :p

  4. Yeah, I am yet to quit just because of one group of mine wherein we held meaningful discussions. But yeah, last seen and read receipts ruining the lives of people. Will soon gonna post my six month experience of using WhatsApp. Stay tuned 😛

  5. I Quit using Watspp last month! My main reason was no 3 & 4! It started making me insane being accountable for all the non replies to insignificant people! Cheers to us for quitting!

  6. Wow, brave move! Good luck for the rest of the journey without the app. Yeah, I was not so far from becoming the mean guy in the eyes of my friends and relatives but then you don’t get many choices. Well, i haven’t quit the app but yes, I control it my way. I left all the groups, I changed privacy settings to as strict as they could be keeping status, last seen and blue ticks read mark out of the play. It is no harm if you use it just like old messaging service. Anyways, glad that couple of reasons matched with yours. And, yeah.. I liked that bicycle girl icon on your blog. Looking forward to your articles. Cheers!!!

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