He was no Augustus Waters

For a minute, he had put himself in the shoes of ‘Augustus Waters’, the leading male character from the movie ‘The fault in our stars’. In one of the scenes from that movie, Augustus sees his future-girlfriend ‘Hazel Grace’ for…

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Never ending weeks of waiting

Miracles don’t happen every day! Not that, he didn’t know that but still he was expecting another one to happen. A week later, he found himself checking his phone more often than he used to be. Since last seven days,…

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How it all began

He was having a dinner with his mates at canteen. He usually would have his dinner earlier in the evening when working in afternoon shift. He saw her for the very first time through the transparent glass door, the only…

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Her identity

Her name was no more a secrete now. The curiosity about her identity was about to end as he had gained access to her social media profile. He clicked-open her profile page to read the details of her. He read…

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A lucky search

Days and weeks passed by and so as months. He waited for the right time of which he hardly realized in the last three months. You just can’t split time into right or wrong, he knew but could not help…

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Miracle or Destiny?

She had disappeared all of a sudden. He looked for her for next few days but she didn’t show up. His eyes searched for hers even in her absence. He was losing hopes bit by bit. Few more days like…

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What should he do now?

Now that she knows he will be looking at her no matter what, she has stopped to look away after making an eye contact. Instead, they both now look at each other and make an eye contact for little longer…

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Awkward eye contact

He gets to pass by her only once a day and he look at her every time he pass by her. She with curiosity to cross check whether he’s looking at her or not takes her eyes off the screen…

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