What’s wrong with the Karma?

We all are living in the age of demons, Kali-Yuga. I always have believed and now am convinced with the fact that the age favors the opposite. Opposite of what is legitimate, what is right, what is good, what is true and what is human! The counters of sin and virtues have broken down and the ‘Karma’ no more does its duty. The most trusted system of justice run by the Almighty God no more exists or perhaps is dead now. Almighty has stopped looking after the mankind and is just happy watching evil win against the good.

They say if you can’t appreciate then don’t cuss either. They ask to forgive. They ask to believe for ‘Karma’ will do the justice. But, why doesn’t ‘Karma‘ show up after sinner does a sin or one does a good deed. ‘Karma’ seems to be very busy these days to do the justice. Eventually, at the end of the day people who believe in the Almighty’s system get proven to be fools. Fool they are for they believe that ‘Karma’ will do the justice, fool they are for they forgave, fool they are for they kept waiting! They see the sinners they forgave with smiles on their faces and living a peaceful life, they see the criminals enjoying freedom and earning much respect and their faith begins to fade. They see, who forgave and did good, have tears in the eyes, they see who believed and waited are yet to find justice and still in pain and faith just disappears.


What hurts is to see that ‘Karma‘ these days neither punish the sinner nor it rewards the one who does good and what hurts even more is too see who does the sin lives peaceful life and the one who doesn’t suffers throughout. The questions arise, shall we wait for ‘Karma’ to do its duty or shall we take the charge and earn the justice? Is Almighty’s system of justice worth enough to be trust upon? Does Almighty deserve all the trust, worships and prayers?

I happen to think like this every other day. And I pray, every night, before I go to bed.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. “Karma” & “Dharma” are 2 different themes… & it is always “Dharma” which is measure Of UR good/bad..Again the question is -what is UR definition of good person & bad person ?… If U R dividing them on “karma”, then U can never get the answers,

  2. so there is nothing wrong with “Karma”..the question is do U know what is “Karma” & “Dharma” ?

  3. As per my knowledge, Karma means action which can be either good or bad and which should ultimately pay off. I have mentioned the counters but did not relate them to Karma at all. On the other hand, Dharma has different definitions that changes according to context and religion. I agree that before writing anything one should possess knowledge of same but what I wrote was all about the over all system of Almighty that sometimes seems to be not working well.

  4. “Dharma” means Responsibilities which R compulsory..& karma means desired work..
    let us assume that A is a social worker, he devotes his time for society ,he had already saved 1000s of life,a gr8 personality..now can U say that he deserves all good situations in his life ?.. NO because thats his karma,to do social work . its his decision not his responsibility…but that A couldn’t give much time to his own family & couldn’t fulfill their needs ,so he has not perform his responsibility well,so he deserves pain.. no matter what he had done for others

  5. Wow, great! I like that you elaborated with example and yes it made concepts clearer. However, according to this logic, one who does what is compulsory I.e.follows dharma well will be rewarded no matter how much bad deeds he does. Am I getting it right?

  6. gr8 question! actually answer is yes as well as no !
    Look, if A has done his responsibilities well ..but also unnecessarily A had harmed B,which is his bad deeds,But A will be punished,only if B is able to punish him.If B is weak OR has not enough sources to punish A ,then A can live his own life happily, means answer is yes…But as A had harmed B unnecessarily, so its now B’s responsibility to punish A,& if luckily he is able to punish A,then A has to suffer..& answer is No..
    & in another case if A had not harmed anyone,but unable to perform his responsibilities,then he will be punished automatically by any & many means ..
    But why a child is suffered from physical disabilities/accidents ,is unanswered question as how can we expect responsibilities from a child..so its a theory which I can prove up to 95% accuracy..It may be true OR false…
    But reality is, it motivates you to give 1st priority to responsibilities, which is most important & helpful ! 🙂

  7. Yeah, it’s a bit complex but what we can do is keep that hope alive. Sometimes, it becomes difficult but the end of the day, everything gets count I guess. Thanks for the info and examples. Cheers! 🙂

  8. Leave things upto God. Sinners will be punished and the virtuous will be rewarded, sooner or later, in some way or the other. Relax. Do your part and other things will happen of their own accord. Let it flow.

  9. The delayed reward/punishment hold no values is what I believe and so many people do the same, that is waiting for infinite time period. But again, that is what good people do, keep the faith alive.

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