A single thought can change your life. Your life can change if you change the way you think. Your thoughts play a very big role in making future you. You become what you think. People don’t pay attention to the power of thinking. Thinking makes many different perspectives available for you to choose from. Change the thinking, change the perspective and you will be living a different life. The actions you perform are always the output of your thoughts. Everything you see around in this world today, was just a little thought in someones mind in the past. Hence, it becomes very necessary to think at first and then make it reality. Your thoughts also reflects your character and personality. We people have this tendency to judge everyone and the easiest way to do that is to listen to someone’s thoughts. Possessing good thoughts make you a good human being. You should think deep to develop bright ideas, strong opinions and unique perspective towards things and situations. Always remember that a single thought can change your life. In this particular section I share my perspective and/or opinion about people, things and situations, which is the ultimate output of my thoughts.


Christopher Robin

It was heartbreaking to see Christopher Robin leaving Winnie the Pooh and other friends behind. He said he had to and he did. He not only stayed far away from them but also forgot about his childhood in the process…

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A precious gift

Receiving gifts: I was in 6th class when I received a gift from my school friend. It was the first one I could remember receiving from someone who wasn’t family. It was a flip-it greeting card with “Best friends forever”…

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Take care of your plants before they die

In love with a plant: Every one of us love the plants, right? Refreshing, green and flowery! I mean, come on, who doesn’t? Some of us have a few at home and some don’t. And, some just have the big…

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Practice what you learn

Learning: I carry this belief that I have learned so much from my life. I learned from my experiences, people I met so far, friendships and relationships I happened to have with people, incidences and moments and so on. I…

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Real love

The truest form of love is when it comes from both the ends. The love that returns to you in some form or another. The one you don’t ask for but gets in return. The real love leads you to…

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I love you but I don’t want you

Loving someone and wanting someone are two different things. It took me years to understand, accept and learn this. I fell in love with a beautiful girl who was living miles away from my place. She entered into my life…

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Dare to delete and repeat

Life is very similar to a story written on the paper (or typed on notepad 😉 ). It doesn’t always take an insertion but a deletion of the text to create a master piece. Perhaps, the only way to make…

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My own unrealistic infinite theories

Everyone of us live by some theories and I have developed some for myself. They might be true or false, I don’t know but they sure make sense. Past is like you know everything and future is like you know…

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Faith in you

When you were a kid, your mom used to ask you “Tell me what did you do in school today? and you would start telling every little thing that happened to you that day. You used to feel happy sharing…

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Limit the space and learn to replace

Can you control the space they take in your heart? Seriously, I mean I have given a thought to it and have come to conclusion that I’m the owner of an apartment. Looks like I have a big apartment with…

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