A single thought can change your life. Your life can change if you change the way you think. Your thoughts play a very big role in making future you. You become what you think. People don’t pay attention to the power of thinking. Thinking makes many different perspectives available for you to choose from. Change the thinking, change the perspective and you will be living a different life. The actions you perform are always the output of your thoughts. Everything you see around in this world today, was just a little thought in someones mind in the past. Hence, it becomes very necessary to think at first and then make it reality. Your thoughts also reflects your character and personality. We people have this tendency to judge everyone and the easiest way to do that is to listen to someone’s thoughts. Possessing good thoughts make you a good human being. You should think deep to develop bright ideas, strong opinions and unique perspective towards things and situations. Always remember that a single thought can change your life. In this particular section I share my perspective and/or opinion about people, things and situations, which is the ultimate output of my thoughts.


Friends or acquaintances?

I had heard this word for the very first time when I was attending ‘English’ lecture back in the last year of my graduation. My teacher had explained the difference between friends and acquaintances. Till then I was not aware…

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Shall we date?

Boy: Shall we date? ? Girl: No. ? Rejected! Rejections are proof that you offered. Most of the time you find the life very mean simply because it does not offer what you want or it does not serve the…

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Love left unsaid

I pretend. I pretend that I’m not in love with you and what we have between us is just a friendship. I pretend that I don’t have feelings for you. I pretend because I want you to recognize the love…

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Are you living a boxed life?

To wake up in the morning, making eyes fight against the sleep with mind lost somewhere else is a common scene. You wake up, get ready and go the office straight away. You work hard in the office; spend 2/3rd…

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This year, choose people wisely

With each day passed by, you become wise. You see, you hear, you observe, you feel, you learn and you experience. As I always say, your life will be more of people around you. People definitely affect our lives in…

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Keep people in heart instead of head

Use your head to keep good thoughts, new ideas and dreams, pull the people down from your head to your heart. There was a time when people around you were limited in number. You would get to see, listen and…

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We don’t love, we only talk

You can see the world is changing rapidly. With every new invention our life style is getting change. The meaning and definitions are changing. Feelings are no exception. In this era of smart phones we don’t love, we only talk.…

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I don’t have time

They: “Why didn’t you come to attend the ceremony?” Me: “I didn’t have time!” They: “Why don’t you want to come with us?” Me: “I don’t have time!” They: “Why didn’t you call me back?” Me: “I didn’t have time!”…

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Reading nonfiction from abroad

Affecting Factors and Challenges for Readers Fiction and Nonfiction are two basic genres for any literary work in the world. Any book or novel gets categorized into one of these at first place and then the sub genres are assigned.…

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Serving non-veg (Whatsapp – 18+)

Whatsapp will serve you the best at any place! How about non-veg? Don’t you think that above lines will best suit as a status for hundreds of Whatsapp users? It has been more than four years since Whatsapp was launched…

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