Are you living a boxed life?

To wake up in the morning, making eyes fight against the sleep with mind lost somewhere else is a common scene. You wake up, get ready and go the office straight away. You work hard in the office; spend 2/3rd of time over there each day. You take the route of your home as soon as you leave for the day. You get home, watch TV, browse internet on PC/laptop, and play with smart phone to kill the time. You go to sleep to wake up again in the next morning.

You wake up in the box, you spend the day in the box and you go to the box to sleep.

Here, by box I mean your home, your office, your computer, your mobile or whatever that has set boundaries over you. You live in there, in the box. Moreover, if you observe in detail, you will find the boxes everywhere. Even when you think of going out of the box and enjoy, you actually take yourself to another boxes. You go to party in the hotels (food boxes), you go to meet people to their homes (living boxes), you go to watch movies (entertainment boxes), and you go on a long ride in the car (traveling boxes) and so on and on and on. You see, the boxes are everywhere and of various kind. Most of us unknowingly are living the boxed life. We assume that there is no life beyond these boxes or this is the life itself. But, let me tell you that THE REAL LIFE IS THERE, OUT OF THESE BOXES.

The world out of these boxes is the real one we all should live in, the original one gifted by God that is nature. Do you take walks in the mornings or late nights? Do you eat fruits picked straight from the trees? Do you hang out with friends near the streets with big trees covering your heads? Do you get wet in the rain? Do you go out in the cold winters? Or simply, in one line let me ask, do you spend time with the nature? By nature I mean the real one and not artificial or man-made. We often spend our time in these boxes and forget to taste the nature. I don’t know about you but I was and I’m currently living this boxed life and no more I want to live in there, in these boxes. I want to go beyond and live in the company of beautiful nature. I know it’s not possible for us to find such natural places these days but at least we can find those small corners where the real nature resides. Nature teaches us lots of things and gives us a different perspective to look at the life. When you will spend time in this out of the box world, you will realize what you were missing. You will find the desired peace, calmness and happiness just looking at its beauty.

Take time to go out of your boxes and spend time with the nature. It’s beautiful, amazing and exciting.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


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