The Liebster Award – make it one

First of all, I apologize to Roopam for being so late to revert on this. Now, I would like to thank two very talented girls namely ‘Roopam‘ and ‘Kajal‘ for nominating me for this award. I just hope you both won’t mind if I merge these awards into one. Well, I already have but seriously, looking at the time I spend on writing, I had too. I liked the whole concept behind this award so going for it.

Here are the rules for this particular award:

  1. Link the person who nominated you in your post and let them know.
  2. Answer the 11 questions posed for you in your post.
  3. Nominate some other bloggers for the same thing.
  4. Create a set of 11 new questions for your nominees.
  5. Let them know that they’ve been nominated.

My answers to Roopam:

  1. You started a blog because?
    Ans. Because I wanted to learn how WordPress works behind the scene as I had my IT project going on back then and had no idea how these blogging tools work.
  2. What do you love doing the most? Any activity
    Ans. Sleeping. I love to sleep. 😛
  3. Your favorite writer and the book you like most.
    Ans. No particular favorite. ‘Tuesdays with Morrie’ by Mitch Albom is top on the favorite list at this moment.
  4. Describe one trait of yours that you find silly.
    Ans. I have this habit of achieving perfection in every little thing I come across. I like perfection.
  5. First childhood memory that comes to your mind?
    Ans. Well, I had reached to my home without having my Mom by my side when I was in KG. Achievement, you see. 😉
  6. You are most comfortable in what kind of clothes?
    Ans. Casuals
  7. Summers or winters? Why?
    Ans. Summers. I hate winters, it affects your health more than that of summer I guess.
  8. Something you have learnt from your parents?
    Ans. Seeking satisfaction in what we have is one of the thing. There are too many yaar.
  9. Do you think you’ll be writing after 5 years from now?
    Ans. Of course!
  10. Best and the worst thing you find about technology?
    Ans. It helps you connect with people.
  11. If you had to keep a pet, what would it be? (the ones already having can describe theirs)
    Ans. I have kitten at my home. He is not officially a pet o ours but yeah, he is part of the family.

My answers to Kajal:

  1. Three good and bad things about you?
    I don’t consume alcohol or any kind of drugs and don’t smoke as well.
    I don’t quit conversations in between, without notifying.
    I don’t hesitate to apologize in case I have made mistakes.
    I don’t trust very easily. It takes time for me to trust anyone.
    I don’t listen to Mom in most of the scenarios and very less active in doing housekeeping works.
    The negativity strikes me every now and then.
  2. The 3 wishes you’d make if you get Aladdin’s Lamp?
    Ans. I would ask for more wishes. Lol But, yeah let me think, my be I would ask for a detailed documentary film made on earth which should highlight exact happenings on earth from its creation to very this date.
    I would be watching a long movie that I want to watch being young so yeah, immortality till that.
    A peaceful death in the end.
  3. Choose one: Books or Movies? …and Why?
    Ans. Movies. Because I can watch 3-4 on a single day. 😛
  4. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done?
    Ans. I had not slept for two continuous days and was still studying during grad exams.
  5. Your favorite cuisine?
    Ans. Mom made food.
  6. What does blogging mean to you?
    Ans. Seriously, I don’t know.
  7. Tell your one memorable moment?
    Ans. There are too many. One of the favorite includes that moment when I had written my first poem.
  8. Do you have any pets?
    Ans. Not officially but yeah we have 3-4 cats wandering in our house every day.
  9. Choose one:- Facebook, Twitter or Whats app? ..and Why?
    Ans. Of course. Facebook. Just read about that guy Mark, he is extra ordinary. And, google the journey Facebook has traveled so far. It’s all unbelievable.
  10. What is more important and why:- Love or Money?
    Ans. Put me anywhere, it’s going to be love. Because, I don’t have much money 😛 okay, so basically I hate money. It has ruined our planet.
  11. What’s your Dream Job?
    Ans. I don’t have any.

Below are nominations from my side. I am sorry if you are running an award free blog.

A Caffeinated Blog By Akanksha
The dancing orange By Kelley
Never mind the boys By Leah
Hello internet By Sarah
Just a small town girl By Sharan
A worried student By a worried student

Below are the questions you will need to answer for me.

  1. Are you happy with the kind of life you are living in?
  2. Write down couple of regrets please.
  3. Doing secrete blogging or not? Why?
  4. If you are given a chance to travel into the past and/or future, what will you choose and why?
  5. With whom would you like to spend more time with, nature or people?
  6. Are you addicted to any of the social media like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp?
  7. You feel envy for…? Why?
  8. Do you judge people based on their class, caste or status?
  9. Choose- sweet lie or bitter truth.
  10. Write down three things no one knows about you.
  11. Write down your own minimum three thoughts for each- Life, Love and People.
Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


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