I can’t believe this is happening to me. One of the nicest thing one can do is keeping a diary wherein he/she can pen down all the day to day happenings from his/her life. I had tried maintaining one but I failed. I found keeping a diary hard due to the consistency in writing it required. On the other side, I have always wanted to pen down my day to life events too. To be honest, there hardly exist any big happenings in my life. My life is pretty much ordinary but sometimes the extra ordinary things happen and I could not resist myself penning down the experience. In this section I write about my day to day life happenings plus the updates on how my blog is doing.



तु जणू पौर्णिमेचा चंद्र, तेजस्वी आणि लख्ख प्रकाशित. नेहमीच असंख्य तारे तारकांनी घेरलेला. आणि मी दूर अंतरावर रात्रीच्या काळोखात तुझ्या आठवणीत खळखळणारा एक अशांत समुद्र. रोज मनात तुझ्या भेटीची आस घेऊन भरती ओहोटीचा खेळ खेळणारा आणि त्या खेळात स्वतःलाच अस्वस्थ…

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A letter from draft

Happy winter blogging It feels great to write in winter. Especially when it’s winter and it’s the last month of the year. Apart from making a list of new year resolutions in my mind, I happen to revisit the past…

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Tell me dear

Can your heart skip a beat merely upon listening to their voice? Is it possible to touch someone’s heart without touching their body? Can a single thought of someone whom you haven’t even met bring the smile on your face?…

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