I can’t believe this is happening to me. One of the nicest thing one can do is keeping a diary wherein he/she can pen down all the day to day happenings from his/her life. I had tried maintaining one but I failed. I found keeping a diary hard due to the consistency in writing it required. On the other side, I have always wanted to pen down my day to life events too. To be honest, there hardly exist any big happenings in my life. My life is pretty much ordinary but sometimes the extra ordinary things happen and I could not resist myself penning down the experience. In this section I write about my day to day life happenings plus the updates on how my blog is doing.


Celebrating Election

Publicity, Rallies, Road Shows, Press Conferences, Discussions and Dramas! It’s all happening here in India. It looks like people are celebrating any national festival here with great enthusiasm. It is the politics at its peak. I can see as well…

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The beginning

Beginning is always the hardest. Things never go the way you want them to go but I believe a good beginning is the key to success. So, here is the update about my resolutions
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New year resolutions

Resolutions are promises we make to ourselves, a deal you can say. A deal with ourselves, in which we try to satisfy our mind by doing exactly what our minds wants us to do. A resolution helps us to create inspiration within us that would keep us going through out the time span we have set it for. A resolution is a challenge to ourselves. A resolution makes us believe in ourselves.
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Look back

You should look back and analyze what you have achieved and what you have lost last year. It will not only help you to plan the stuff for next year but also make you happy. Take off some time, seat back, relax and just think of those things that happened to you in the last year. I have lots of and lots of to share from this year but I am listing here only few of them.
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Lazy, busy or nothing

I did it again. It’s been a month since I wrote and posted on my blog. This is what happens to me very often. I make my mind to write on regular basis and be serious about writing. However, I…

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Most inspirational night

Last day was bad one for me. I remained upset for the whole day, got bored in between and sad as well. All this caused just because I was thinking, over and over again. At times, I felt low and…

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