Celebrating Election

Publicity, Rallies, Road Shows, Press Conferences, Discussions and Dramas! It’s all happening here in India. It looks like people are celebrating any national festival here with great enthusiasm. It is the politics at its peak. I can see as well as hear it everywhere. It has occupied almost everything, every media including print and social, people’s lives inside and outside home and everything that you could imagine. It starts early in the morning, I find talks about upcoming elections on Radio, in office same discussions are held among the team members, I use internet and could only see the advertisements about the same flying on every possible site, I could see people marketing and promoting their political parties on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc, I could only see the news that involve discussions and programs related to upcoming elections, news channels are taking surveys, taking public opinions , presenting rough graphs of future possibilities, trying to extract future results and using the same estimated reports to seek public attention towards them. Ohh, its fever of general election that everyone has caught and I am no exception. However, I will try to write something meaningful; writing meaningful about politics in India is a bit challenging but let me see what good I could find.

Well, they (politicians and political parties) certainly have set the perfect environment among the public that I guess everyone is now aware of the news that its election time and we have to vote. Even though it’s already known let me remind you once again

Its election time and you must vote!

Yes, it is actually a must job. Even when you believe that your single vote won’t affect the result, you must vote.

Why to vote?

Come on, it’s fun! Still not convinced? Take it this way then, you are about to get one holiday simply because you could go out and vote and you will be doing total injustice to yourself if you do not. Now, I am sure that you will not want to feel bad for not doing justice to yourself. So, must go for it.

They all are asking for it. To whom I should vote?

Humm, looking confused! It’s obvious though. As you can read in my first Para how they are messing our lives these days and begging for single vote, they are everywhere right now. Simply ignore what they are saying and try to find where they were in the past years when you needed them and try to figure out who will be there with you in future when you will need them again. Moreover, checkout their profile and go through their information like their educational background, their past social work, their public relations, their willingness to work for public and of course their criminal records and whether they are involved in any corruption case or not. Just collect this much information about all the candidates and vote for the one you think is best suited.

We do not like their candidate but we like that political party! They support our religion.

It is more than sixty years now that we are independent & running democratic country. Still we struggle to get our basic needs done. We have to overcome this now. We have to overcome this caste and religion discrimination to see the clear picture. We should not let them play with our emotions and faith. So, do not go for any candidate just because he has assured to do work for your community. If any candidate is willing to do for you then he will. It is not necessary for him to be of your caste or religion. Ignore the parties while voting.

What? there is no good candidate to choose from ?

Yes, this can happen. As you know our country is getting too corrupt day by day and they are not willing to change this so they are giving opportunities to the same corrupt politicians to participate in the election. But, no fear, if you think there is no single candidate who deserves the honor, simply reject all of them and go for NOTA. From now on,you will have option to reject all the candidates using the button called NOTA. Just press ‘None Of The Above’ button to show your rejection to all the candidates. It will surely reduce the chances of any corrupt and non deserving candidate to be won.

Votes are now sale-able and they are offering good money!

This is just ridiculous. It is same like taking bribe. If you are accepting money from them for your votes they you are equally contributing in destroying our nation. This way, you will be considered corrupt too. Also, just think that is your vote is that cheap that one can buy it? No, not at all, your vote is just priceless. It can make a difference. Each single vote makes a remarking difference. Please do not take money and throw away your vote for wrong candidates.

What will I get in return?

Inner Satisfaction and peace! Feeling of doing something good gives us peace and happiness. I think that is enough say. Moreover, choosing the right candidate you are taking a step ahead to bring the change needed at this moment. Choosing the maximum good candidates will help to improve the system from inside out ultimately beneficial for people and our society. So, do not expect much in return, just vote wisely and you have done your job very well.

Vote wisely and see the nation changing (of course, in good way). Let’s celebrate this election together.

Note: The sole purpose of this article is to spread awareness about importance of election and voting. If you have any objection on the same, please contact the writer.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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