31 things a true WordPress blogger will relate to

Every one of us is unique but still we have some similarities. Find below some of the things that you might relate to. Well, you need to be a WordPress blogger for that.

  1. The blog url they were hoping for their original blog is different from the one they settled on. ?
  2. They would always have at least one blog other than their original one for which they had some plans that never really worked out. ?
  3. They have WordPress App installed on their smart phones but never prefer publishing posts from there itself. ?
  4. They always look to improve their Visual Aspects of their blog. ?
  5. Most of them would be introverts by nature shouting out loud at the world from their homes. ?
  6. They are always obsessed with a thought of ‘what should I post next?’. ?
  7. They always look for readers but will never accept. ?
  8. Every single like, comment and follow cheer them up like hell. ?
  9. The traffic stats of their blog takes their hope away every day but that little hope keeps them going. ?
  10. They heavily rely on the About Page and the Blog Content while making a decision of following a certain blog. ?
  11. The moment they find that the fellow blogger belongs to the same country, they will follow his/her blog first without reading anything. ?
  12. They look for About Page for every new blog they come across. ?
  13. The Blog Awards seems precious at first but as the years pass by they feel like declaring their blog an ‘award free’ one. ?
  14. They would always respect the fellow blogger’s writings no matter how pathetic writing skills he/she possesses. ?
  15. They would follow hundreds of blogs but would read very few. ?
  16. The comments from the overseas readers overwhelms them more than anything. But no matter how many comments they receive from overseas readers, they feel comfortable when they interact with local readers from same country. ?
  17. They try to avoid silly and nonsense comment conversations below their posts and take care of the same by being very gentle and kind to literally every one of them. They would like the discussions though. ?
  18. Their love for comments is just beyond the imagination. ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍
  19. The Writer’s Block hit them every now and then but they still manage to post something for their readers.
  20. Female bloggers would cherish both, male and female readers; however male bloggers would put some extra weight on the other side. ?
  21. Most of the time a girl blogger’s dashboard would keep overflowing with loads of comments and likes and on the other side it would be a random guy waiting for a single like. ?
  22. Every time they logged in, their first gaze falls on that little Notification Icon up in the right corner. Orange color is favorite here for them. ?
  23. Every single word written by them is as precious as a pearl and they would always fear for their content getting stolen by the other people on internet. ? ? ©
  24. They feel very proud of their not so popular blog. *achievement* ?
  25. They would have a special place in their heart for their Blogger Friends. *No one can replace them* ?
  26. They promise themselves to be consistent on publishing posts at regular intervals  but always gets fail at it. Sometimes, they would challenge themselves and would take part in challenges taking place in community and well, they would fail again. ?
  27. Photography would be the mutual hobby for every blogger out there. *I’m a photographer* ?
  28. Most of them would have Personal Blogs and not a specific/focused one. ?
  29. Somewhere in the little corner of their heart lies a dream of becoming a Published Writer. *I will write a book and it will be a best seller* ?
  30. The philosophical content on topics like LIFE, LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS would dominate their blog and FASHION/BEAUTY would be the default category for most of the female bloggers. ? ? ?
  31. They would not count them as a true blogger if they have premium domain name for their blogs. ?

Most of them would read and relate to this and appreciate it but some of them would not appreciate even after reading till the end. ? *Just Kidding* ?

Hey, thanks for reading. Did you like the article? Did you relate to any of the point listed above? How about letting me know your experience? Please feel free to like, share and comment.

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Peace & Love,
– Pratik Akkawar

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. Excellent post. I would relate to many points written by you.
    I just want to say about the very first point. After creating my blog, I gave my name (although I added an extra ‘a’ before name due to unavailability) and thought of changing it later. But it kind of got stuck and now I don’t want to change. 😛

  2. Haha.. Yeah.. One would relate to at least one point no matter what! Thanks 😀 and yeah, I cross checked your URL.. Hope you won’t mind.. And its aamrit.. But, trust me URL don’t matter much 🙂

  3. I could relate to almost all of these points…particularly about the Writers block…its been a very long time since I wrote anything… wish I could overcome it… 🙂
    Great post…

  4. Wow, nice to see you after so long 🙂 You are one of those of whom I came across in my earlier phase of blogging so yeah glad to see you again girl. I hope you are doing well and now stay for long. Coming back to Writer’s Block, yeah it happens with every writer but personally I feel it depends more on what phase writer is going through in his life. You see emotions have power to take control over us and words don’t come easily when you are struggling with something in your life. So yeah, writer needs to overcome all those obstacles to make a come back and I’m glad to see you making one. 🙂

  5. Haha, yeah! We all love notifications. Glad that you found them relatable. 😀 Keep eye on that notification bell. Here you go with another one. 😉

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