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Welcome to The Other Direction.

The Other Direction (formerly Aimless) is founded by Pratik Akkawar in August, 2011. This blog aims to inspire and motivate people who have lost enthusiasm to chase their dreams and are moving in the wrong direction. It equally reflects the life of a blogger through various angles. There are some fascinating facts about The Other Direction that make it awesome. It offers some unique reasons to readers to read the content resided here. Find here – few reasons to read this blog in case you are confused about surfing on The Other Direction tides.

About Blogger:

Pratik Akkawar is a person responsible for existence of The Other Direction in the virtual world of internet. He belongs to an incredible country India and currently lives in one of the holy places of the country – Nashik.

He is occasionally a poet, blogger, thinker and an amateur writer, trying to put his thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems. Besides that, he is a day dreamer, lazy reader and patient listener. He believes that life is very much unpredicted and there is a lot to explore in the world. So, one should breathe, smile, laugh and love for he/she is going to live only once. You can catch him on the associated links listed on right. Thank you for passing by. Stay blessed. Cheers.