Quotes & Sayings by Pratik Akkawar

A quick conversation with your best friend can lift your mood up.

A single thought can lead you to the most wonderful journey of your life. Treasure your every thought as it has power to change lives including yours.

An office is a miraculous place actually, post joining colleagues become friends and friends become colleagues.

Don’t begin the journey alone, take hope along with you.

Don’t count days, live in moments.

Remember, you can always fill remaining half of the glass.

Don’t take anything for granted for nothing here is eternal.

Some losses are unrecoverable, but remember that you have the ability to build an empire again and again.

There come days when you lose all hopes. You stop believing. You don’t feel like doing anything. And, there my friend, you should consider taking rest. Let your mind, soul and body take needed rest.

When things don’t go your way; pause, close your eyes, take a deep breath and start walking again.

You don’t need to run, a small step in right direction is perfectly alright.

Your family should be your first priority by default.

A good human being will always be a good writer, the reverse may not be true.

Be with people for whom your empty pocket does not matter.

A mistake from a good person always gets treated as crime.

A person who lies for you can lie to you too.

Behind many broken friendships there is a marriage.

Destiny never gives you chances, but in life you get many chances to change your destiny.

If it hasn’t changed you, it’s not love.

If you are fantasizing love, you are still single from within a heart no matter what your relationship status is.

In the end it is all about loving your family. For one the family can be as small as single person or as big as whole world.

It only needs a desire, not words; to start a conversation.

Leaving others alone is a sign of cowardice, whether you are involved in a war or in a relationship.

No matter how much nice quotes you read or hear, they never changes the way you think and behave.

One of the reason why people are loosing their good sides is that we are not spreading enough goodness among them.

Publicity is just a foolish act done by wise people confidently, to fool the world.

Stop caring and you will be happy forever.

The only day you truly wish to spend being a good person is your birthday.

Without money you can’t reach to girl’s heart.

Words won’t have meaning until you put your emotions into them.

You fall in love without knowing and break up when you knows everything.

You should have little something in your heart for everyone out there.