Lazy, busy or nothing

I did it again. It’s been a month since I wrote and posted on my blog. This is what happens to me very often. I make my mind to write on regular basis and be serious about writing. However, I do not get succeeded doing that most of the times. Well, there are many reasons for not to write but two basic are I did not want to and I just could not.

It’s quite obvious and could be same with everyone out there who writes, whether they are writing with purpose or without purpose or just for fun or as a part of their work. It’s about writing and when it comes to writing I have my own needs for doing that. Everyone who writes possesses these needs or you can say some kind of requirements and they expect it before they can actually start writing. I am sure people out there who are writing definitely have their rules and regulations set, especially those who are writing with purpose and with timelines. It is obvious and they just have to. However, in my case it is all different. I truly believe that you cannot force someone to write something specific at specific time with specific needs. Actually, you can if you are paying for that 😉 but that is the case of writing with purpose. I am talking here about writing something that comes to your mind, you can say it as personal writing and I am just doing that. For writing of this kind you will not need any material in hand or idea or any extra stuff, you need not do research or anything else. And I just like to write this way and I prefer that too. I write when I feel so. As far as I have observed, I require being happy or inspired to write (and it is not like that when I do not write I am sad). This is one of the reasons why I do not write often.

Another reason for not to write is my laziness. Yes, being honest I have to accept it. At times when I had to write, my laziness came in between and I just kept postponing the writing. I am sure, I can overcome this reason for sure and I will definitely try to.

And last but not least, sometimes I just get busy in work and could not manage to find enough free time for writing. And, sometimes beside of my writing mood and other stuff I just could not write. Writing is not an easy job. You need time and peace to write. I hope I will not be busy that much that I could not write a single post any other day.

However, I believe there should be no reason to write or not to write. Writing is beautiful in its own way and I will enjoy that in my own way.

Keep writing and have fun !!!

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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