I can’t believe this is happening to me. One of the nicest thing one can do is keeping a diary wherein he/she can pen down all the day to day happenings from his/her life. I had tried maintaining one but I failed. I found keeping a diary hard due to the consistency in writing it required. On the other side, I have always wanted to pen down my day to life events too. To be honest, there hardly exist any big happenings in my life. My life is pretty much ordinary but sometimes the extra ordinary things happen and I could not resist myself penning down the experience. In this section I write about my day to day life happenings plus the updates on how my blog is doing.


Let’s watch rom coms

 Love does not knock on the door, it comes unknowingly. It does not cross your way when you need it the most but it surely appear when you least expect it. Falling in love is the happiest moment you will…

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Cricket World Cup 2015: why no excitement?

Last day, the much awaiting(?) Cricket World Cup Opening Ceremony finally took place in Australia and New Zealand. You can say that the ceremony went well, looking at the efforts put by the host countries in making the event big…

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Happy Rose Day to dear Rose

I really don’t know why I am writing this right now, at 3am sitting in my office but one thing is for sure that this is something I would have written if I would have to at any point of…

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Plan your happy December

I wasn’t aware of its arrival till I saw white tiny slow flakes floating on my Blog posts. Since I have joined the office, I hardly remember what day of the week is going on and what the date it’s…

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Happy New Year – In Progress

Writing has never been a best part of me. I can’t write as fast as I think, imagine and visualize things in my head. There are people who synchronize these very well. I lack this quality for sure. Anyways, I…

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A big Thank You

I have a strong belief that the best gifts one can receive are the time and attention. With this electrifying fast and moving life you can expect everyone to be busy in their own life. However, people who like, love…

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A life without internet

It’s been almost a month since I lost access to the internet from my home. All thanks to heavy rain. It’s the longest time interval that I’ve been away from internet in last couple of years. I was supposed to…

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Why do I drive in 40s?

It’s more than a half-year since I bought the bike. I learned to drive thereafter and now I drive with more confidence. Day by day I’m traveling more distance and every traveled mile boosts my confidence. Every new day I…

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