Plan your happy December

I wasn’t aware of its arrival till I saw white tiny slow flakes floating on my Blog posts. Since I have joined the office, I hardly remember what day of the week is going on and what the date it’s been. Each day looks similar and I follow the same routine. However, there comes occasion when I prefer to plan things. One of those occasions has arrived, just a couple of days before. Yes, the last month of this year has arrived and I’m feeling excited. I like December very much for it brings you mixed emotions. You feel sad for the current year’s departure from your life and at the same time you feel happy for having a brand new year waiting for you at the door. It is just the beginning of this month and I can already feel the excitement about things I will be doing this month. Planning the things before has never worked for me and I have never done that before but this year I want to give it a try because it’s important to make time for yourself and do the things you always wanted to. So, this December I am planning to do certain things (not the big ones) that will make me happy I guess. Below is the list of things I might be doing throughout this month.

  • Watching Bollywood movies – yeah, this is something I really wanted to do but never did throughout the year. I avoided watching Bollywood movies for almost whole year. It wasn’t intentional but somehow I had lost my interest in Bollywood movies, the reasons would be their class and reviews. However, there were some good movies released this year which I don’t want to miss so I will be watching all of them soon.
  • Watching Hollywood movies – I have missed some biggies like ‘Transformers’ and ‘Guardians of Galaxy’ from this list, which I would like to catch this December.
  • Website Renovation – I could not look after my website due to the lack of internet connection for few months this year but I always had this I mind. My website needed renovation and I will be doing that this December for sure.
  • Shopping – No, I never plan shopping but I have a list of stuff I should buy as early as possible and I have a couple of coupon vouchers to be spent before January so, I will need to do some shopping, no option here.
  • Writing featured posts – I have decided to write blog posts based on New Year and I will be doing that before December ends.

This was the short list of things I desperately will be doing this December. Besides that, I have many more tasks waiting for me but those are optional and will do if get enough time. Do you plan things or make to do lists? Have you prepared one for this December? Share your ‘December To Do’ list here via comments or you can email me or catch me on any of my social accounts. I would like to hear from you. And, if you haven’t yet planned your December then just do it straight away.

PS – December brings you new hope, a hope of the new beginning and tears of leaving few golden days behind. Live each moment of this month with joy and happiness. Let this year go with smile on your face. Enjoy and have fun.

Happy December to all.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


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