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It’s a brand New Year everyone is waiting for. I can already feel the good vibes it is about to bring in everyone’s life. Every New Year provides you an opportunity to restart your life. Almost all of them are hoping to make a new start. I am no exception. I too am very eagerly waiting for 2017 but at the same time I want to get some things done before I say goodbye to 2016. It’s a month of December that makes me recall everything from the past and plan for the future. I have a belief that the month of December holds some magic that makes you fall in love with both, your past as well as future. And yes, it somehow makes me write too. You might want to read my articles written in the month of December from the past so below is the list for you guys.

This December, I am going to share a list of some Do’s before you leave the 2016 behind and make a new start with 2017. Let me clarify that the list does not contain any advice for you or rather it is something that I am going to do/have done before the year ends. I just hope that you find it useful.

Empty yourself

Before you make a new beginning, I want you to empty yourself. I want you to say hello to that one friend with whom you wanted to talk since ages but didn’t for the sake of some reason like ego. I want you to confess your feelings of love for the girl/boy, who you talk daily with but were afraid of the consequences. I want you to express in any possible way. Meet people you wanted to meet last year but could not. Make calls to your near and dear ones, get engaged in long talks. Ask for apology, say thank you. I want you to read that half-finished book, watch that blockbuster movie from the last year. Do what you could not before year ends. If it is not possible to-do everything just say sorry and forgive yourself. Take all the things in the to do list of New Year. Set new goals all over again. I want you to get rid of unfulfilled promises. I want you to get rid of regrets. I want you to let stress and unnecessary thoughts go. I want you to empty your heart to let it receive more love. I want you to empty your mind to let it welcome good thoughts.

Prioritize people

You live among the people. It is people who occupy most of your life and hence it becomes utmost important to set priority for them. For me, my family tops the list. Family comes first no matter what. I just don’t want you to keep running after people who hardly care for you. I just don’t want you to give your precious time to the people who hardly give theirs to you. It is hard to believe but yes, you can categorize them. People who don’t play any significant role in your life can be treated as less important while the ones which affect your life can be considered as important. You should be able to prioritize as it is not that difficult. I mean it should be okay if you happen to skip your not-so-close friend’s wedding to attend your cousin’s. Right?

Eat healthy, stay healthy

I am not asking you to join Gym and get six-pack abs or be on diet and lose your weight. I just want you to make time for workout on regular basis. Even a 20 min workout can bring the life changing effects in your life. I want you to eat everything you can but keep an eye on what and how much you are eating. The natural food as it is can do wonders. Prefer fruits over oily food. Drink juices instead of cold drinks. Give up on smoking. Give up on any addiction that is causing harm to your health.

Plan finances and work

Money matters, period. I want you think of any possible sources you can make money from, other than your full-time job. You might want to start investing in stocks or start investing more than previous. You might want to take a move and switch to another organization, or planning to set up your own business. If so, start planning everything now. If you think you are currently satisfied with your financial growth, you can sit and relax and concentrate on other stuff.

Don’t wait

Life is too short to wait for something to happen. You have to push yourself and make things happen. Don’t wait for the particular date or time to get something started. Start now, this is the moment. Start living now.

Make a promise

Keeping promises can be tough but you have to make one. Before the year ends, make one promise to yourself that you will do what you are planning to do in the next year. I know, it is tough and you might end up breaking it but be brave enough to make one. It will keep you motivated all the time.

Be prepared

Life is not a smooth ride. It in fact is a roller coaster ride. Be prepared for a quick twist and turn. Be prepared for the best as well as worst. Be prepared for the shocks as well as surprises. Things might not work the way you have planned. But, don’t lose hope. Stay inspired. Stay positive. Keep moving in the right direction.

What are you doing this December? Have any suggestions on how one should spend the last few days of this year? Put your thoughts into comments below. I would like to know what are you up to.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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