Keep people in heart instead of head

Use your head to keep good thoughts, new ideas and dreams, pull the people down from your head to your heart.

There was a time when people around you were limited in number. You would get to see, listen and talk with very few, your family, friends living nearby and neighbors included in the list. However, today the picture has changed. With the fast growing technology you are forced to become socially active. The big invention of internet helps connect you with the rest of the world. The increasing use of social media is one of the examples. The Social Media is not solely responsible for bringing more people into your life. Consider for example, the media which brings people of all kinds to you or daily soaps which brings certain characters into your life. There are hundreds of them like movies, books, games, etc. There are channels that directly or indirectly bring people into your life or more precisely you can say into your head. Having bunches of people around you is good but having all of them in your head is dangerous. I believe, the ever-changing world does affect the thinking process of people in certain way.

Today, if you can take time to look at yourself, you will find yourself thinking of people for most of the time than thinking anything else. You think of that girl with whom you have chatted this morning, you think of a celebrity person promoting his film, you think of that family who lost their son in an accident, you think of people who loves you, cares for you, are jealous of and people who hates you too. You think of everyone whom you see, you listen or talk with and when you listen, you let all of them reside in your head all the time.

So, what’s wrong with that? Actually, there is nothing wrong as long as you can do other stuff like thinking about your work, plans, goals, ideas or dreams, etc, carrying all people in your head, which are necessary to be looked at to live happy and balanced life. However, most of the time it happens that we keep thinking of people all the time and does nothing other than that for whole life. It brings no outcome as well as satisfaction in the end.

So, if you want everything moving smooth and fine in your life, keep people in your heart instead of head. Keep people who matters to you, who loves you, cares for you, who are good human being and who are your world in your heart. You don’t need to think of them all the time once you reside them in your heart because people who stays in heart does not demand your presence or attention. They simply demand your love and care.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. Thank you so much Akriti 😀 Yup, there is lot more to come from me…
    I had read the lyrics that day itself but excited to watch video and will surely do that soon… 😀

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