A single thought can change your life. Your life can change if you change the way you think. Your thoughts play a very big role in making future you. You become what you think. People don’t pay attention to the power of thinking. Thinking makes many different perspectives available for you to choose from. Change the thinking, change the perspective and you will be living a different life. The actions you perform are always the output of your thoughts. Everything you see around in this world today, was just a little thought in someones mind in the past. Hence, it becomes very necessary to think at first and then make it reality. Your thoughts also reflects your character and personality. We people have this tendency to judge everyone and the easiest way to do that is to listen to someone’s thoughts. Possessing good thoughts make you a good human being. You should think deep to develop bright ideas, strong opinions and unique perspective towards things and situations. Always remember that a single thought can change your life. In this particular section I share my perspective and/or opinion about people, things and situations, which is the ultimate output of my thoughts.


Nine days wonder

We are humans. We think. We act. We are the masters of our mind, the in charge of our emotions and feelings. We decide what we want and what we do not want. Moreover, we decide our likes and dislikes;…

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Say Trees

Yesterday was my birth day; the most wonderful and beautiful day of the year.  Let me tell you first that I had already planned to write an article on behalf of this special occasion but had no idea what will…

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Needless sacrifices

To sacrifice, is the one deed you will ever do in your life, which will always make you feel proud of yourself. Sacrificing had never been easy for anyone yet it is that pleasurable deed every good person would love…

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Hold on – let Go

Hold on! No, let it go! Wait, you cannot let it go, just hang on there. Hold on, be patient and everything will be fine, just the way you want. No way, if it has not happened till now, why…

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Long distance relationship

Now-days it is becoming very hard to survive in a relationship and sustain that relationship for long. There are many factors, which affect the relationships, which eventually determine the future of the same. However, when it comes to LDRs i.e.…

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