Yesterday was my birth day; the most wonderful and beautiful day of the year.  Let me tell you first that I had already planned to write an article on behalf of this special occasion but had no idea what will I write about. Though I was sure that I will have a great birthday this year too as I am blessed with most loving family and friends but I was unsure about this article. As planned I will write an article on my birthday here in “Special Moments” category as it is always pleasure to have special memories in account. Now, let me talk about this one.

I had a great time yesterday and today I reached to my office with fresh mood early in the morning. As usual I went through the unread emails and came across the one which was supposed to receive on the last day. An email of birthday wishes sent by the organization! Yes, I knew they wish every individual in the company on the occasion of the birthdays and last day I was just expecting for the same but did not receive it. However, they had done their job and now I am pleased with that. I was excited to receive that email not because I wanted to hear the wishes from them but to make sure that they had done their job. Let me tell you little about their job.

On every individual employee’s birthday our organization plants a tree under the CSR initiative ASHA through Isn’t this an appreciable work? I appreciate everyone one of them for taking this initiative. This is what I wanted to confirm about. I wanted to hear that they had planted a tree on behalf of my birthday. What a better gift you can have than this? I felt so good. I am glad knowing that still there are people who cares. There are people who care about the trees, the nature and our planet. I appreciate such organizations and companies who are taking their steps forward in contributing to this project of planting tree throughout the country.

We all know how essential the trees are for our planet. They are the root of this planet. I can’t even imagine our planet without trees. It is now frequent to see people cutting the trees for no reason. On the big scale deforestation is destroying our planet by destroying the trees and the forests. It deeply impacts the health and atmosphere of the planet. Deforestation contributes in the global warming, soil loss, unbalance in climate and so on. It greatly affects the wild as well as human life. If you list the loss occurring due to cutting of trees and benefits of planting them; I beat both will be countless. It is now up to us to choose which one to choose.

I appreciate to start such a good project. Their vision is simple and effective. They want to allow users to satisfy a private purpose of greeting someone through an e-certificate on special occasions like birthday, wedding, anniversary, festival, etc, while doing social good by planting trees. Why trees?  This is what they are saying and I am completely in favor of them.  “Tree planting creates low-skill jobs, and trees provide benefit to current and future generations, have a direct impact on carbon reduction, restoring forests, improving wildlife habitats, and upgrading water catchment areas, and offer flowers, fruit fodder and fuel for local communities and all living creatures.”  Below are some of the points which will remind you the benefits of growing trees. I have copied them here from the site just to save your reading time.

  • Trees filter our air and keep it fresh by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.
  • Tree roots stabilize the soil and prevent erosion.
  • Trees improve water quality by slowing and filtering rain water as well as protect aquifers and watersheds.
  • Trees are carbon sinks, accumulating carbon as they grow and acting as stable carbon stores upon maturity.
  • Three-quarters of the world’s people rely on wood as their main source of energy.
  • Thousand of things are made from trees such as furniture, books, newspapers, houses, hockey sticks, guitars, pencils, fences, milk cartons, even nail polish and toothpaste.
  • Trees lower air temperature and induce rainfall by evaporating water from their leaves.
  • Trees provide food, shade and shelter to humans and wildlife.
  • Trees offer protection from the downward fall of rain, sleet and hail as well as reduce storm run-off and the possibility of flooding.
  • Trees act as sound barriers to reduce noise pollution.
  • Trees play a major role in helping to conserve the intensity of the Earth’s magnetic field.
  • Trees beautify the landscape.

It takes a big and nice heart to do such things. I appreciate every individual involved in this project and I would love to join them too.

We are solely responsible for the place we live in. I believe every single tree will help make our planet beautiful and more worth place to live. So, plant as many trees as you can for it will save our planet.

Go Green and Save Earth.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


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