There’s nothing to prove

I have been through this all the time and I think it is same with everyone out there. We always have it on our mind. Each of us carries this burden, a burden of an unfulfilled desire. A desire that says Prove it. We are living in the era of competition, where everyone is running to achieve something, may it be success, glory or victory. Everyone wants to stand out tall in the crowd. Everyone wants to create their own identity may it be in the society, business or world. Every person is competing with others. This competition can be seen in almost all the aspects of life, throughout the life. The world is changing rapidly. We are living in the generation where everyone wants to make his/her point, leading to competition among all. Eventually this competition has leaded us to have that unfulfilled desire in our mind; a desire that demands to prove yourself. The competition has a very huge impact on our life. It plays a significant role in our though development process.

It is no surprise to experience the competition from the very start of our life. From the childhood, we are asked to win, gain victory and stay up front. Most of them take it as a challenge and try to prove themselves among others. There was no harm until the competition was healthy as it helps to improve our knowledge and skills. However, over the time it has become an integral part of our life. We gave it so much importance that we started to see it in everything and everywhere. From children to Oldies, everyone has developed this desire of proving themselves. They want to prove themselves at work as well as at home, in the professional life as well as in personal life. You will see an average student studying hard to get marks and prove his knowledge and skills in the class as well as a poor father buying expensive gifts for his son, trying to prove his love.

There is nothing wrong in Proving yourself if it is not spoiling your inner peace. But, what if you could not prove, what if you did not succeed. It will definitely take you away from the peace and happiness. So, shall we quit keeping this desire of proving, winning? Shall we quit competing? No, you should not. However, you will need to restrict it to certain aspects. Proving yourself at work, in professional life is perfectly fine. Moreover, it is important to do so for your growth. To keep the desire of winning there won’t lead you down rather it will inspire you climb up and go high. However, proving yourself in personal life will not be a good idea. In fact there is nothing to prove in your personal life. You will never be asked to prove your love towards your family or your trust in certain relations. No son in this world would want to let his parents prove their love for him/her and no husband would want to let his wife prove her trust in their relation. In fact, your family and relations will never ask you to prove yourself. They will have expectations from you for sure and you should try to stay up to their expectations. However, you should not take their expectations as a challenge and try to prove and win. Actually, you neither win nor lose in your personal life. Therefore, if you are keeping the desire of proving your importance, love, trust, support to your family, friends or loved ones then you are wasting your time and spoiling your inner peace because they just do not need that.

Prove to yourself

You are not mean to prove yourself for others, rather to yourself. No one in the society will ask you what life are you living, what you do all the time, how do you spend your time, what you have been through, what you need or what you want; they just do not care. And, if they don’t care why are you wasting your time to prove yourself to them. It will not affect their lives if you win or lose, become rich or poor, be happy or sad etc. You have to understand that you just do not matter to them at all until you are a part of their family or relations. As told earlier, family and relations do not demand to prove, so, instead of proving yourself to such people, society or even world, you should concentrate on proving to yourself. Competition with self is always healthy. If you try to prove to yourself, you will go beyond your limitations. You will find the hidden abilities in you. It will help you to improve your skills, knowledge and much more. Most of all, you will get inspired by yourself and find inner peace and happiness. Moreover, it will not affect your moral even if you lose as you cannot lose to yourself rather it will give satisfaction if you win. So, compete hard and prove to yourself.

Prove for good

Prove yourself with good motive otherwise do not.

  • Do not prove your strength to show others are weak; instead prove to show that they can be stronger too.
  • Do not prove you are fast to show others are slow; instead prove to show that they can run fast too.
  • Do not prove your importance to show that others are useless; instead prove to show that they are essential too.
  • Do not prove your richness to show that others are poor; instead prove to show that they can be rich too.
  • Do not prove your uniqueness to show that others are same; instead prove to show that they can be different too.

Live life as if there is nothing to prove, you will find the inner peace you needed.

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Stay Blessed And Cheers !!!

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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