Nine days wonder

We are humans. We think. We act. We are the masters of our mind, the in charge of our emotions and feelings. We decide what we want and what we do not want. Moreover, we decide our likes and dislikes; may it be for things or for people, does not matter.

The crazy creature of god always has had this tendency of building interest for new things. It is human nature and no one is exception. Whether good or bad, new things attract us easily. We tend to get more curious, desperate and excited until we explore them; get to know more and more about them. Sometimes, our curiosity gets over our mind; it forces us to achieve, to win, and to gain those things so that we fulfill our desire to have the things we were curious and excited about. You will find people trying, struggling and giving their best just to have that thing they are fascinated about or interested in. We keep trying and dying to bring those things in our life. Most of the times you will need good stars/luck to get what you want. If you came out to be fortunate, you will get what you want. Nevertheless, once we manage to get the things we wanted, we become happy and satisfied.

Now, here comes the time we truly enjoy. It’s time to explore and experience. Being new, we enjoy each and every aspect of that thing. It pleases our mind as time passes by and we keep exploring everything. However, on the other hand we keep losing our interest too.  Finally, we come to a point when there remains nothing to explore or experience. The new is not new anymore. It is now converted into old. And, being human we totally lack our interest in it. Our curiosity, desperation and excitements gradually decrease and finally come to an end.  This is what usually happens and it is quite obvious to happen. But, it does not end here. Have you ever thought that what if the artificial things are replaced by living things i.e. real people like us? What will happen then?

Actually, there is no need to imagine like that, as the world has changed. The non-living things have already been replaced by people. We already have set higher priorities for things instead for people. We already have decided to give more importance to things than people. Moreover, we now possess same behavior and attitude towards people, which supposed to be meant for only non-living things. We play with people, their feelings and emotions as if they are things to play with. We do not care if somebody gets hurt with our actions, we do not ask how they feel when we act in certain way. There is no difference between things and people anymore. Both gets treated same, according to need and purpose.


You will easily find that friendship, love, relations or even people have become nine days wonder now. At first sight, we see each other as strangers, and then suddenly our mind builds a curiosity to get to know each other. The curiosity turns into desperation and need so as a result we start to talk to each other. At the beginning, we like everything about this new person, as we are yet to explore his nature and get to know each other well. We enjoy being with this new person, we enjoy his/her company. In this time span, we become friends, then best friends and may be lovers of each other. During this we keep sharing thoughts, creating beautiful memories, keep caring for each other all with full of responsibility and attention. However, things gradually get change alike what happens with non-living things. We start to lose our interest and curiosity about that person or relation. The reason remains same, new is not new now. It is old now as there is nothing to explore now. Finally, our excitement, desperation, need and curiosity ends. Ultimately, the priorities, importance and feelings shifts into another direction. We no more like to be with that person; we no more like to be in that relation. The reason behind this is simple, we like when it is new and we do not like when it turns into old.

And, the bad news is that nobody cares. Yes, people do not even think that how they are behaving to others, or how their behavior is affecting other people around them. Some people keep building such friendships and relations which finally turn to become merely the nine days wonders. Have you ever thought what happens to them who suffer from such behavior where you suddenly lose your importance and value from their life, where you suddenly become inferiority from priority, where you get ignorance instead of attention, where you get betrayal instead of love? In addition, what if the suffering person still wants to hold on to a relation which according to you is of no interest now?

There are countless thoughts to think upon and you should think before you decide to turn your friendship, relations and loved ones into nine days wonders. All of us are here with emotions and feelings; do not hurt them with such behavior. Liking and disliking is not the measure to decide how long we sustain our relations. In fact, the real achievement is when you create any kind of new relation, connection or bond with people and sustain it for life long. The real beauty not only lies in creating new but also keeping it alive while it grew old to last longer and forever.

Hope I do not lose my interest in writing and saves my blog from being a nine days wonder. Do not hesitate to like, comment or share if you like this article as it inspires me and help me to write more.

Cheers and Take Care !!!

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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