I don’t have time

They: “Why didn’t you come to attend the ceremony?” Me: “I didn’t have time!”

They: “Why don’t you want to come with us?” Me: “I don’t have time!”

They: “Why didn’t you call me back?” Me: “I didn’t have time!”

They: “Let’s meet up.” Me: “I don’t have time!”

They: “Let’s party.” Me: “I don’t have time!”

They: “Let’s talk.” Me: “I don’t have time!”

Life: “Let’s live.” Me: “I don’t have time?”

Do you find anything common in above scenarios? These are some of the ordinary scenarios to which many of us will relate. We make excuses; the most common is “I don’t have time”. I was not the exception to that. There came many situations where I had used it to save my life. It is very easy to say and look promising, no? But, now I feel that, we should not make this excuse more often. Let me tell you why.

No one has time

So many times in our day-to-day life we came across situations where we could not find the better excuse so we use the one very common which is listed in above quotations. It is “I don’t have time”. Well, apparently no one has time as it is not a materialistic thing you can have or you can hold for yourself. Time is unstoppable; it goes on and on and on. If you think you have it then you definitely have it but if you think you do not have then it is another case. The time is available for every minute, for every second and for every moment and for all in this world. We are floating in an ocean of time. It is just a matter of thinking. The amount of time you have can be measured as the time till your last breath. It is just about how, when, where, with whom and for what you want to spend each moment. Saying “I don’t have time” is just ridiculous. Most of the time it is all lie that we say without hesitation. It is the silliest excuse we make in day-to-day life.

Time is a man-created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.’

Why not to use time as an excuse

Making excuses is a common habit among the people all over the world. However, making the fair and justified excuses is a sign of matured person. When you are sure of how busy you were, then you should tell the truth instead of making an excuse over time. In that case the person next to you will surely be more convinced and moreover will try to understand your situation. By telling the truth you give them a chance to believe in you.

Why don’t we have time for people?

Isn’t that a good question to ask to yourself? When people say they do not have time, what does that actually mean? They are doing something else; they are busy in their own work. What type of work they do? Do they work 24*7? No, absolutely not! By work they mean, they are busy doing another stuff. For example, if they are watching television, they are busy and they don’t have time, if they are sleeping they are busy and they don’t have time. Same is the case for other things, some people involve themselves in so many materialistic things that they find themselves busy throughout the days for whole year. Now days, people run behind the materialistic things. They seek happiness in achieving goals, in winning competitions, in earning money, in running behind the things that are just artificial. They do not want to meet, talk or laugh with each other. They just don’t have time.

So, it is clear that no one can hold time but everyone has loads of when it comes to spend it. In the next piece of my writing we will see why time is the most valuable thing and how one should spend it. Till then, you can share your views/reactions/opinions about this article via comments. Worry not, I have lots of time to give replies to your comments and communicate with you. 😀

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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