Shall we date?

Boy: Shall we date? ?
Girl: No. ?


Rejections are proof that you offered.

Most of the time you find the life very mean simply because it does not offer what you want or it does not serve the purpose you expect from it. However, if you take a closer look, you will find that it does offer something magical and miraculous every other moment and it is you who keep rejecting everything what it offers. The same goes with us, the people. It is natural for all of us to offer something to each other. In the course of our life we offer many things to other people in different situations. We offer ideas, solutions at work, we offer help to needy in crisis, we offer condolence over loss, we offer friendship, love, and affection and so on.

Offering feels great until we face a rejection. A single rejection can make us stop doing this act. Such rejections turn out to become setbacks in our lives. Rejections are very hard to bear. Not every person possesses courage to accept the rejections. Rejections are a kind of defeat. They are denials and non agreement to our offerings. The one who faces rejections can actually experience the pain and sorrow it brings to his heart, soul and mind. They put us down and take the energy out from our soul. The reason we feel all such emotions is that rejections directly hits our sentiments. Every time we offer something we make silent promise to ourselves and to person we are willing to offer, that we care and are willing to do something for you. But when your idea, help, love or any kind of offering gets rejected you broke down as you connect it to your emotional values.

Emotions play a very big role while facing rejections. To handle the rejections you need to look at it practically. Not all the rejections are worthless, in fact most of them are worth to face. The rejections have power to take you some place more beautiful than the one you were expecting to be at. You need not looked at the rejections as a defeat. You need not connect them to your sentiments and/or ego. The rejections are integral part our life. The rejections teach us, make us strong, increase our strength and force us to cross the limits and go beyond. You should be brave enough to accept the rejections at any place at any time and from anyone. The rejections will certainly disappear if you stop the act of offering. But this is where you need to be careful. You need to be wise to know that the rejections you have just faced is not the end of something but in fact it is an opportunity for you to try again and find something better. You should learn from life as I said earlier. We reject most of the things that life offers to us but life never stops the act of offering. Same way when you face any rejection in your life, accept it and move on to other place. You will find something better for sure.

So, next time when you ask a girl for a date and if she denies, don’t feel bad and move on to the girl next to her and keep going until you find the one who is willing to accept what you have to offer. ?

Keep offering, face rejections with courage and you are on your way to a place more beautiful ever.


Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. I really enjoyed your perceptive on rejection. You were right about not everyone has the courage to handle rejection. I know I struggle with it sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

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