Dare to delete and repeat

Life is very similar to a story written on the paper (or typed on notepad 😉 ). It doesn’t always take an insertion but a deletion of the text to create a master piece. Perhaps, the only way to make your story better is to edit it, again and again. You sometimes write a few lines which seems meaningful and then sometimes a big paragraph which you think fits well in your story. You keep writing for some more time. Then you decide to read the text from beginning to make sure that everything is going in right direction. While reading, you come across the same lines/paragraph and finds that some words/sentences/paragraph just don’t fit well in the context of the story. They seem meaningless and unnecessary to you. The text that served meaning to your story a little while ago becomes of no use and you eventually decide to delete it, just to make sure that your story become more meaningful as well as beautiful. Sometimes you happen to delete a single word or one sentence or an entire paragraph depending on the necessity. Here, despite of knowing that you had invested a lot of efforts and time to write that text, its deletion doesn’t cause you a pain. Why? Because you knew that the text was unnecessary and was of no worth to keep in there in your story.

The same goes with your life. You put lots of efforts and invest time to bring some people and relationships in your life. As time passes by, they create memories. Memories, that not only resides in your mind, head and heart but also in your phone and laptop! Anything like contact numbers, old conversations and photographs become memories when the people leaves your life or when relationships get over. While recalling the old-time you come to know which people, relationships and memories are worth to keep and which are not. However, you fear to lose both, the ones that are worth to keep and that ones that aren’t. This leads to a life filled with unnecessary elements and to make your life better you will need to dare. Dare to delete unnecessary people, relationships and memories from your life.

Dare to ignore that bastard who willingly hurts you, dare to break friendship with that guy who disappears in your difficult times , dare to delete those contact numbers from which you never get a phone call, dare to delete that conversation history which makes you sad upon reading, dare to delete those photographs which causes a pain in your heart.

Dare to delete and delight because deleting unnecessary stuff never causes a pain; in fact it makes you happy. What you need to do is to dare. On the other hand, it is not required to delete everything. You can always decide on whether to delete a single word or a sentence or an entire paragraph. Make your life better by editing it, again and again. Write, Read, Edit and Repeat!

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


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