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I carry this belief that I have learned so much from my life. I learned from my experiences, people I met so far, friendships and relationships I happened to have with people, incidences and moments and so on. I believe that I have learned because I can feel the difference in me when I come across the same scenarios again and again. The learning has made me capable of analyzing what is happening to/around me and why something is happening in my life. So I am grateful for learning and being capable of recognizing things. Yet, lately I realized that the mere learning is not enough. In fact, learning is not complete without practicing what you’ve learned repeatedly when possible.

No kidding but it’s true. Everyone learns something, little or big, better or bitter from their experiences and draws the conclusion whether right or wrong at the end of the day. So what makes some people go and grow beyond others who learn as much as these few people do? And the answer is simple, very few people apply what they have learned in the future. They recognize the behaviour of the people, consistency of the pattern in the scenario they are in and so much. They are smart enough to recall the memories and eventually the learning in the past and react according to the situation. One might argue at this point that how this could be the possible solution? But, believe me, this saves a lot of damage coming your way. This method can save you to the great extent from the emotional and mental damage that some incidences may cause. It can reduce the impact of the circumstances you are in and the internal pain you feel when something terrible happens in your life.


We as humans are wired to half-learn but to learn something completely and have control on your emotions, desires, expectations or overall on yourselves, you have to practice what you learn by applying the solution in your life. The solution could be anything and comes from the brain and not heart. I know most of the people want to follow their heart but hello, it is 21st century you are living in and your brain is not an enemy of your heart. In fact, listening to your brain can bring you loads of benefits as the solution it provides would be more practical and thoughtful. The data collected in the form of knowledge and wisdom which acts as a solution in the future is stored in the brain and not heart. So while applying the solution or reacting to the current situation, referring your brain would be a better choice than referring your heart.

I always make sure that I write what I practice in my life and vice versa. So when I write and ask people to be optimistic, hopeful, fearless and inspiration to others, know that I am being all that. However, as I said, I realized that if you don’t practice what you have learned, you remain at the same old place. Hence, these days I have started to practice everything I had learned and hopefully I will do that repeatedly in my life. Below are some of my past learnings I am aiming to practice at the beginning.

Expect nothing in return from people and relationships:

It is something I honestly feel that everyone should learn and practice to make this world a better place. It won’t change the world the way you are thinking right now. Having expectations from the people and relationships, no matter who they are (your partner, family, and friends) and what relationships you have with them, most of the times hurt you, leaving you behind with self-doubt, anger or sadness. Instead of expecting, be hopeful about the people and your relationships with them. So, if you learn not to expect anything in return from the people and relationships, you end up being happy. The key to happiness is lowering your expectations. And, as more and more people become happy, it eventually will make the world a better and happy place to live in.

Lower the amount of expectations from yourself:

There is no harm in expecting yourself to do something like, making a dream come true, achieve something great or setting personal goals in the journey of life. However, I believe that there should be a limit. Don’t put a heavy burden of expectations on yourself that it becomes very hard to put a step forward. There is no benefit if you are making your life a struggle because of your expectations from yourself. It is a good practice to lower the expectations if you are finding it difficult to walk with the heavy burden of expectations. Put it down for a while and take the rest. The purpose is to be happy and enjoy the journey. Don’t ruin your journey by carrying extra load of expectations.

Let go of the past:

It is absolutely okay to recall the memories, both good and bad. However, staying in the past is not acceptable.

All of us have the past and we all visit it now and then. We as humans are made to live in all the times. I don’t like it when people say, they never look back. Know that they are lying because it is simply not possible for humans. Recalling the memories and living the moments in the past again is actually a good thing. In fact, as I explained earlier, the past helps us to save the future damage, so, calling the past a bad place would be wrong. In simple words, it is fine to visit the past but staying in the past is a bad thing. And, the worse thing is to try to change the past even when you know that it is impossible. So, practice to let go of the past as much as possible to live a happy life.


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Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


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