Take care of your plants before they die

In love with a plant:

Every one of us love the plants, right? Refreshing, green and flowery! I mean, come on, who doesn’t? Some of us have a few at home and some don’t. And, some just have the big gardens filled with many kind of plants and trees. Not all, who have the plants, succeed, in keeping their plants green and flowery. Their plants somehow die. For no reason? Yet some of them succeed in keeping their plants alive for years. How? And well, those who don’t have plants yet, love the idea of having them.

Let’s see how it gets started. You don’t have a plant at home but you love the plants. Really? There is a chance that you are in love of an idea of having a plant at home. Maybe, you want a plant at home just because your neighbour does. There are many possibilities. Okay, let’s stick to the first one, you love the plants. Now because you love the plants, you bring the one at home. It feels exciting to have one at home. You appreciate everything about it. You tell your friends about it. It becomes a topic of discussion at home. It becomes part of your family. Sometimes you show it off to your neighbour just to make them know that you too have a plant now. (Also, expecting it to make more beautiful flowers than theirs’ as a reward in future).

You don’t know how to take care of it but you learn. You learn about it by paying close attention to its requirements. You enjoy this learning phase a lot. You feel good when it respond to the efforts taken by you. It starts to grow rapidly, it becomes what you wanted it to become. You see the buds coming out slowly. You feel so happy. You take extra care of the plant by providing it the required amount of sunlight, air and water. You nurture it by offering your love, spending your time and paying the attention to it daily. Slowly the bud transforms into a flower with petals. And one day, it blooms to be a flower. Divine, colorful and beautiful flower! You see the flower and you are on cloud nine. You tell about the flower to your friends and family. You take the photos and selfies and share them on every social media. You keep the pot on the right wall of the house making sure your neighbour sees the flower on your plant.

Just a routine:

You repeat what you did earlier for few more times. But, with time you lose the interest in the process. You still love the plants. You love yours too. You do, no doubt! However, the enthusiasm you used to have is now gone. You now know everything. You know what it takes for your plant to stay alive and make flowers. So, you do all what you know on regular basis. You water your plant daily, keep it at the place where it gets proper sunlight and air. It still works. The plant is still refreshing, green and flowery. You look at it and feel good. There is no more excitement and curiosity in you though.

You now know the routine and know that it works. So, here, you take your plant for granted. You are now too busy or tired to pay attention to it daily. The routine is no more a routine now. You start experimenting with it. You change the routine as per your convenience because making time for your plant seems like a responsibility. Now you water the plant once in two days instead of twice a day. You don’t pay enough attention to the change of season and the changing requirements of the plant. You keep changing the routine to find out that it works and the plant is still alive. You make the routine worse and worse.

One fine day, you happen to remember the old days. The good old days spent with your plant. You get nostalgic and go to see the plant closely. You feel sad, very sad. Your see that your plant is dying, slowly. You knew that it wasn’t looking fresh and green as earlier. You knew that it was not making flowers as it used to earlier. Now you know why. Because you never cared and chose to ignore. It was dying every single day when you ignored it, refused to spend time with it and stopped loving it. You thought that it will do fine and adjust to the routine you set for it. In fact it did. But there was a limit. You crossed all the limits making it give up on its life and die. It is too late to save its life now and you have nothing but regret in your heart.

You are the plant:

It is not only your plants story. It is the story of your relationships. The one you hold the relationship with is your plant and you are the plant of that someone. If not taken care and loved enough, your plant dies. Spend enough time with your loved ones, check up on them no matter how busy / tired you are and love them every single day. Nurture your relationships with care on regular basis. Enjoy the learning and stay curious about the future of your relationship.

Not necessary that your plant will die if you don’t do all above but for sure it will stop rewarding you with beautiful flowers, won’t look green and refreshing, burn from inside or give up you.

Few tips to keep plants healthy:

  • Check if you are ready to have a plant at home.
  • Know that it takes continuous efforts to grow the healthy and flowery plants.
  • Know that if you can’t take care of plants, don’t have plants.

Thank you so much for making time to read my blog post. I would love to hear back from you on the same topic. Do provide a feedback using any of the available methods.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. I know about your love for nature. Hope you are making time to spend some moments under the blue sky seeing the greenary outside the window. Thanks Hargun for stopping by. ??‍♂️

  2. I’m not currently getting time to do that, but I hope to shift priorities and devote some time to nature. In the end, all life issues revolve around prioritization ??

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