When you were a kid, your mom used to ask you “Tell me what did you do in school today? and you would start telling every little thing that happened to you that day. You used to feel happy sharing every piece of your life to her. You would not feel afraid or shy to tell even the stupidest thing you have had done. The joy of sharing your life with your mom was priceless. Your mom too loved to hear from you.

Now, you have grown old. You are matured enough to take decisions on your own. You are wise enough to decide what is right and what is wrong. Everything has changed. Your life is no more the same. You live it your way. You have your own experiences in your pocket. You earn money and are a responsible person. Your mom is a proud woman. She has more trust in you rather than anything else. She would thank God for blessing her with a child like you. Her world revolves around you. You are being away from home, makes her worry a little more about you. She would wait to hear from you till the evening. She would do that every day. She still loves to hear from you. Today, realizing how busy and stressful life you have, your mom asks “Tell me, how are you? What did you do today?”

“I’m okay, routine stuff, nothing more” you say and hung up.

The guilt of not being able to tell everything takes over you and a tear rolls slowly down from your eye. You know you have done lots of things other than routine since last day.

You had a huge argument with your girlfriend/boyfriend last night about which your mom is unaware of. Your mom doesn’t even know that you are in love with someone since last two years.

You being upset had smoke three cigarettes back to back. Your mom doesn’t even know that you smoke since you left the home and came here for your studies and job.

You are depressed and sad and have pain in your heart. You want to forget worries and not to think about anything. Today, you have brought two bottles of Vodka. You have planned to drink in the darkness of night. Your mom doesn’t even know that you consume alcohol since when your room partners had made you take just one sip one and half years before.

This is not the first time you intentionally hide everything from your mom. You know this has become the routine for you. You comfort yourself saying that you are not lying to her; you are just not sharing your life with her anymore. However, your inner voice contradicts and yells at you that you are liar, a big liar. You are coward. You are an afraid soul, tying to hide every piece of your life from her.

Your mom back at home, far away from you… to your dad

“He is doing well. He works for hours every day so gets tired. Please you leave him alone. I know him/her better than anyone else. He cannot live without telling me everything in his life. He tells me everything.”

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. Thanks 🙂 It depends. The environment at home and nature of parents play a big role. I have seen young generation is more bother to talk to their parents literally about anything. Looks like they don’t share any relation and are living together just as a formality. Moreover, when you do wrong things, you are more likely to keep them secret. Unfortunately, it has become very common these days and I feel sorry for those children as well as parents.

  2. Of course it does. There are many reasons because of which there is no mutual understanding between the parents and the kids and yes, I agree that the new generation is more frank with their parents and stuff and this because of the fact that their parents are also young and they know a few things about how does it feel to grow up after 1990s! I mean, I don’t hold any grudges against my parents or anyone but what I am saying is that it would be nicer to have someone who knows that the world has moved on a little bit.

  3. Right but most of the time it is parents who’s gonna accept and not kids who’s gonna live as per their parent’s opinions. I mean, at the end of the day parents gonna support you and who knows they might accept what you want them to understand. I believe if kids don’t share and let them know today’s world then how will they come to know whats really happening in today’s world? By the way, no matter how much world gets change, things that were wrong will remain wrong and in that case kids should not expect support from their parents I guess.

  4. I completely agree with what you say, although there is one thing, that is, our parents will always be our parents in every aspect of our lives – from choosing clothes to choosing a suitor, but when I say – sometimes they have to adopt a new outlook on things with the changing times, it DOES NOT mean that you go marry someone you met on a dating site two days ago and tell them, “No Dad, this is how it is these days” or “What do you know about 2015”. This is not what I mean.
    The point I am making is that for most of the parents it becomes hard to see their children grow up so fast because they think of their kids as their extensions but their kids different individuals and hence – they can make some (small) decisions by themselves for themselves.
    And of course I believe that whatever our parents tell us, it is for our best interests and also as I mentioned above that our parents will always be ahead of us in everything and most of the parents know how it is but still they don’t keep up with the changing times, which is sometimes a good thing but mostly it is dangerous because then it means that they are choosing ignorance.
    Your parents might have told you stories about how they used to play from sunrise to sunset sans cell phones but their parents did not worry about them and yes, the crime rates were unusually high back then also. But today, firstly the children don’t have the time to play games unless it is on a phone or a PC and even if they go, their mother’s raise hell if they are late. Not that I completely blame the mothers with the crime rates and stuff but parents need to understand that their kids are capable of handling little things by themselves.
    I am now going to end it (I know you might in mood to read such a lengthy comment so I am just finishing up 😛 ).
    Parents should be confident and know with what values they have nurtured their children and then worry. Like for instance, if the man or the woman lie in front of their kids then they should be prepared for the outcomes but if the parents have brought them with good values then shouldn’t be worried about a single penny!

  5. Phew! I appreciate you for taking interest and keeping up with the discussion. I am not use to with reading such long comments though. 😛

    Great, you finished it with good one. I really believe in what you said in last para. See, I have been grown up with a kind of family where I had freedom to do anything and everything. I still enjoy the freedom. I have never felt the need to hide anything serious from my parents and yes, there will always be little things being not shared with parents and kept secrete for purpose which is fine. However, you should not hide the things that are ultimately going to affect you and your family by any means.

    Lastly, whatever you do, parents will be parents and kids will be kids. We can just hope that mutual understanding between them gets better with the fast running time. 😉

  6. Wow Pratik! I loveeee this post 🙂
    No girl or boy can love us more than our MOTHER but some stupid people hardly realize that!
    Well, thanks for sharing this beautiful post <3

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