Limit the space and learn to replace

Can you control the space they take in your heart? Seriously, I mean I have given a thought to it and have come to conclusion that I’m the owner of an apartment. Looks like I have a big apartment with lots of spacious rooms inside where people stay happily in my heart. I had this habit of making rooms for people in my heart since I learned the meanings of words like love, friendship, relations, kindness, and all that relates to humanity. I think the apartment was not there since from the start. It was me who built it day by day and year by year, making the rooms available for them. Every time I fell in love with any person, I built a separate room for him/her in my heart which ultimately resulted in the formation of an apartment. An apartment in my heart, which looks great when filled with people. People whom I like and whom I love! I care for these people most, I make them priority and I look after them every now and then to confirm whether they are happy and enjoying the stay. As they live in separate rooms, there happen no arguments over the space they need. They get the share of time, attention, affection and love they deserve. I am not God so it may have had happened that I would have built a room for wrong one or sometimes I wouldn’t have built a room for the deserving one but that’s the part of bitter side. So, what I came to know is that I deal with people in that way. I didn’t know that there exist different types of infrastructures to hearts. Having no idea I used to expect the same functioning from other side. I used to expect the same behavior from the people, especially from those who were living in my apartment.

However, the world does not revolve around you and people have different infrastructure to their hearts. I have seen quite different approaches they use to deal with people. Some of them don’t really have that much big space hence they avoid to make any room for people slipping in. They don’t really make any space available for anyone or they end up making people share the same room. Disaster! When the same space is shared you witness the fights. The arguments over the equal share of time, attention and love become common. You try to investigate but fail to draw any conclusion. In the end you prefer to ask one of them to leave so that all of you can live with peace. Some of them prefer a flexible approach. They own a single room but don’t make anyone share that room. They make replacements, with ease. You can’t rely on such hearts if you are thinking to stay for long. Moreover, the dedicated share of time, attention and love is redirected every time a replacement is made. So, you might want to think twice before slipping in to any heart with this kind of infrastructure.

Problems the people having hearts with big apartment face

I have the same infrastructure and based on my experience I can say that the people living in such hearts rarely face any problems. Instead, the one who has this kind of infrastructure to his heart face the problems. People change over the time and leave the room but the space they own in the heart remains the same. They occupy their share of time, attention and love on regular basis even after their departure. As the people with such heart won’t believe in replacements, they keep the room as it is. Having a big apartment filled with people is great but the one with only imaginary existence hurts.

Solution: limit the space and learn to replace

Happiness and peace don’t come easily. Try to change the infrastructure in your heart. Take the completely different approach to deal with people. Don’t keep building separate rooms for each of them. Instead limit the space and be choosy. Allow them to slip in who deserves to stay in your heart. Never waste any of the room for those who don’t really care. You will need to learn to replace. It will be a tough task but if you really want so called happiness and peace you will need to learn that. You don’t need to replace the deserving one alike those which I mentioned earlier above but you really need to replace those who don’t deserve the stay. Moreover, don’t waste the share of time, attention and love on those who have already left your rooms. In fact, don’t keep the rooms with imaginary existence of people. Fill the empty rooms with right ones.

In the end, your heart is a precious place to live in, don’t make space for them very easily. Let them make efforts to reach the place.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. The way the indeed great message has conveyed I superbly liked (y)….I know weird usage of words, this is my way!!!!….

    On Owing a heart like an apartment one… Replacing, letting go how it matters is really something I can connect to!!…. Good one.

  2. Thanks Asmitha! Yeah, this was the best way I found to convey what I really want to say. The concept was simple which reflects the people’s attitude towards dealing with other people. Glad you liked it.

  3. Sure! To let you know, reading your poems is definitely on my mind since I followed you but the time don’t do justice. But yeah, will try to make some for that.

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