He was no Augustus Waters

For a minute, he had put himself in the shoes of ‘Augustus Waters’, the leading male character from the movie ‘The fault in our stars’. In one of the scenes from that movie, Augustus sees his future-girlfriend ‘Hazel Grace’ for the very first time in cancer patient support group. He not only manages to make a graceful eye contact but also shares an effortless smile with her in a short period of time during the group discussion. Little after that, they hangout with each other to make one of the most cute scene happen wherein Augustus answers Hazel’s little curiosity with big honesty. The conversation ultimately turns their love story on.

He imagined himself doing what Augustus had done in that scene. ‘Look at her, smile at her and then hangout with her for couple of minutes to get your story begin. How easy it is!‘ he thought to himself.


Shut up!‘ he asks to himself the very next moment. He traveled back into the real world from the imaginary one. It was no movie. He was no Augustus Waters. She was no Hazel Grace. It was no love story.

It was his real life story wherein he was struggling to talk to a stranger girl working in his office. By the time, he had lost all his hopes to get the conversation with her, as he had made his mind that he would never walk to her to start conversation. On the other hand, he desperately wanted to pay her a compliment. He was looking for possibilities and finally decides to convey his message in written form. He wrote lines to her (which ultimately turned into a short letter) which said

Hello ‘her name‘,

If ever you come across this post, please read it till the end.

Hi, this is ‘his name‘. To start with, let me tell you that our work place is the only familiar thing about me to you so basically we are strangers to each other. So, I’ve been waiting since last few months to find that right moment to walk straight to you and have conversation but I guess that’s not gonna happen ever as I don’t think that would be an appropriate thing to do. Walking straight to a stranger girl and say hello, doesn’t sound good, does that? You will judge and I will fear and bang, all things will be messed up. Initiating the conversation with a stranger is always a hard thing to do and I’m worst at that so I thought to convey my message through this post. Don’t worry, only two of us are seeing this post. There is nothing special I’m gonna tell you but I have always felt like telling you so here I go

I had seen you for the very fist time in our office canteen long before and wanted to pay you a compliment but I couldn’t and I still haven’t, may be because I have no guts or I am stupid or I fear a lot. Days and weeks passed by and months too and meanwhile I found you sharing the same floor as mine so I get to see you every day since then. You might have noticed that, have you? Never mind, the thing is you look beautiful. You look beautiful in all those colorful dresses you wear, especially those Punjabi dresses. Even today, you looked great in that white-pink dress. In short, you look beautiful and that’s all I wanted to tell you. Okay, I’m done. Thank you for the read and your patience.

Please note that I have no wrong intentions to harm you by any means so just take it as a compliment from a not-so-gutsy guy.

Best wishes.

his name

To be continued…
♥ ♥ ♥

PS: You can suggest suitable names for the lead characters in this story. I will choose the one I like most and use them in upcoming chapters as and when needed.

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.


  1. Make it ‘Raj’ and ‘Simran’. :p
    Just some random names that popped in my head. Maybe you could use them.
    Best of luck for your story.
    Welcome back to WP!

  2. I really wish he had the guts to say all this to her in person. Many women like Men who take initiative…calling oneself not-so-gutsy is like i am not fit for you or that i might not be able to match you?

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