The only day you truly wish to spend being a good person is your birthday.

No matter who you are or what you had been through or what are you suffering from; nothing will affect your excitement and enthusiasm about this special day. This day itself is magical, the most precious and important day of your life. Whether you have been loved or hated, liked or disliked, noticed or ignored or anything, you just do not care about the world on this day. What you want is

  • A sleep full of sweet dreams when your birthday starts sharp at 12 in the night
  • Wake up early in the morning with a wide smile on your face and numerous text messages and missed calls waiting just to wish you
  • To receive love and wishes from your family
  • Warm greetings by your colleagues at your arrival in the office
  • A hangout/party with your best buddies in the evening
  • At last, a peaceful night with family dinner

A perfect day, isn’t it?

However, I believe you become a completely different person on this day, a good one I mean. You remain with full of positive thoughts, a peace and happiness in mind until the day ends. You appreciate everything and everyone on this particular day. For moment, you expect others to remember your birthday, to wish you and show their love for you and you get disappointed if that does not happen. But, the very next moment you forget everything and forgive everyone. This is the magic of this day, you become a good person at heart, and you do not want to mess this day up for which you try to take care of everything and everyone. The magic continues to rule over you and you can experience it when you accept wishes from people you hate most, or had argued with or even from your enemies. You will accept everyone and everything that comes your way on this special day. You will steal every little moment from this day so that they become sweet memories later on over the years. You feel so proud of yourself for no reason. And, in the end you will thank everyone including god for their blessings. This is what a birthday can and should do to us; transform us into a good person with better heart.

Now coming to my Birthday, which has already been passed a week ago, was a bit different from my past Birthdays for sure. However, it was as special as other ones, bringing loads of happiness and laugh to my life. As usual, my Birthday started with wishes from my family and best buddies sharp at 12 in the night. It always makes me feel so blessed and I get overwhelmed with emotions when someone remembers my Birthday and hold a desire to wish me sharp at 12 in the night. Thanks to god that I have such people in my life who are still doing the same for me from since they came into my life. They will always remain special for me throughout my life. Always remember, a person who stays awake until 12 in the night just to wish you is the one who really cares for you so never hurt them, hold them with your both hands as they are precious like pearl. Though I got disappointed knowing that they have forgotten to wish me the moment my day starts I mean in the night, I console myself giving some hope that they will wish me in the morning and I fall asleep. However, the truth is I was damn expecting them to do so but could not help with it. As said earlier, I was totally transformed when I woke up in the morning. In the morning, few messages in the inbox (as expected) delighted me. I started my day with a smile on my face and went to the office. I know being in the office on your Birthday is not a good idea; however, I enjoyed my time being with my colleagues. As expected, they too had forgotten and did not wish me until they came to know with few exceptions of course. As the time pass by, I found myself hoping in between disappointment and joy. Few had turned my expectations down having completely forgotten my Birthday and few had made me wonder with their wishes. Anyways, it did not affect my mood that day and I was feeling blessed all the time. I enjoyed a lot later in the evening during my tika ceremony when my mom applied a tika on my forehead and prayed for me. We Indians follow numerous traditions gifted by our culture and I enjoy all of them.

Now, it was time to check my Facebook wall. Yes, a wish written with few words holds the same importance as like others. These days you will find people with increased and strong memory having capacity to remember date of birth of their friends and family, thanks to Facebook. You will enjoy these Facebook wishes as long as they are from people with least chances of wishing you personally with a text message or call. You will get disappointed for sure if you found the person you expected to wish personally has wished you on Facebook wall. Totally unfair, isn’t it? However, personally I think the people who remember your date of birth without logging in to any social network are those who really care. Nevertheless, I enjoy each and every wish beside its source, after all a wish is a wish gifted with good and honest emotions. Moreover, I felt awesome this year seeing an increased number of wishes on my Facebook wall. Thanks to every friend who had wish me on Facebook.

Finally, it was over, my special day of the year. I was waiting to have dinner with my family, the last thing to do on my birthday. I was feeling pleased and happy the way I had spent my day. I was relaxing, no more thoughts and no more expectations. But wait, how a birthday could be complete without a cake and celebration. My best buddies knew it very well and invited me to hangout. Honestly speaking, I was not expecting them to come up with a cake, as I knew few of my besties are out of the city and without them, a celebration was not possible to happen. However, my other besties had different plans and we celebrated my birthday late in the night at restaurant with a delicious cake and fantastic dinner. I missed my other buddies that night but enjoyed a lot even when we were only three hanging around there and celebrating my Birthday. Thank you so much friends for making this birthday even more memorable.

In the end, I just want to thank each and everyone who had wished me on my birthday, I felt so blessed and happy. It does not matter when and how you came to remember someone’s birthday, what matters is the desire you have to wish someone on his/her birthday.

So, Remember, Wish And Celebrate. I am leaving with one of the pictures from my birthday celebrations below. Cheers and stay blessed!

Pratik Akkawar

I am occasionally a poet, blogger and an amateur writer, trying to put my thoughts into words and sometimes words into poems.

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